10 Best Pokemon Go Cheats Of 2022

It’s time to grab your Pokeballs and head out into the real world as we check out the best Pokemon Go cheats!

Millions of players all around the world are still addicted to battling and catching Pokemon wherever they go.

Regular daily quests, new Pokemon variants and frequent seasonal events keep the game fresh and the challenges exciting – fans across the globe have been glued to Pokemon Go since its launch in 2016.

What if you want – or even need – to make progress and you’re finding it extremely difficult, however? Some players luck out simply because of their remote location or a reduced circle of friends, perhaps even struggling due to a lack of local players.

That’s where we come in, with a look at the best Pokemon Go cheat to help you progress.

Warning – please do bear in mind that anything of this nature does come with a risk – if you’re caught using any kind of exploit or cheat by the game’s creators, Niantic, there’s a real chance that you can be banned from playing altogether. For that reason, we’d urge serious caution when trying out anything that may not be strictly ‘playing by the rules’. 

That said, if you’re willing to take that risk – here are the 10 best Pokemon Go cheats! 

10. Using Bots

Perhaps the riskiest method of cheating in Pokemon Go, botting involves using a third party app to essentially play Pokemon Go for you.

You can use a bot to automatically carry out activities within Pokemon Go while you’re doing something else with your time – however, this method is extremely risky.

If Niantic do catch you using a third party bot program, it will almost certainly lead to you being locked out of Pokemon Go for good – with any progress and Pokemon you’ve already caught gone forever. 

9. Location Spoofing Best Pokemon Go Cheats - Location Spoofing Psyduck on a world globe

Though it has a fairly daft name, location – or ‘geo’ – spoofing has a pretty cool effect.

By using geo spoofing, you can trick your phone – and therefore, Pokemon Go – into believing that it’s somewhere other than your actual, real world location.

Is this frowned upon by Niantic? You better believe it.

Third party apps (which we won’t link to here!) can allow you to do this, but do be very careful – many Pokemon Go accounts have been banned by Niantic for engaging in this type of activity. 

8. Multiple Accounts

Though you’ll find a variation of this at the very top of our best Pokemon Go cheats list, this one is slightly different. 

You can utilise different email addresses or even the lapsed, inactive accounts of friends or family to play Pokemon Go; some people do this with multiple devices at the same location at one time. 

Though of course it’s against the spirit of playing Pokemon Go and can potentially lead to a ban for one, some or even all of the accounts you use for this method of exploiting the game, it’s also a difficult one to be detected, as it looks – to all intents and purposes – like a group of friends or family members constantly playing the game together! 

7. IV Checking Best Pokemon Go Cheats - Nurse Joy IV joke

Not that kind of IV, Nurse Joy… we’re running Pokemon Go Cheats here, not a health check up.

Another method which uses a third party app, IV checking – which can tell you the Individual Value of a Pokemon – allows you to see which of your pocket monsters are best to evolve. 

Usually, players can only see the CP – or Combat Power – of a Pokemon. But with an IV checker app, it’ll appraise your creature so that you can decide whether or not it’s worth pumping it full of rare candies and evolving it.

Again, do be warned – as we will continue reminding you – any third party apps are frowned upon by Niantic. This method and app, though seemingly benign, does allow you to maximise your Pokemon and therefore will give you an advantage over other players, so if you do intend to use something of this nature, just be aware that it can lead to a ban.

6. Discovering Gym Control in Advance

Up until a few years ago, online maps for Pokemon Go revealed a huge amount of data on Gyms – including controlled it, which Pokemon were guarding it (and which trainer they belonged to), as well as other information such as the recent activity at the gym.

However, this changed following some updates to Pokemon Go’s back end – and now, of the few map ‘services’ that do exist online for the game, the only information you’ll be able to uncover is which team a Gym currently belongs to.

Still, this is incredibly useful to know, so you’ll be able to target specific Gyms in your local area – perhaps with your friends – and take it down, prior to making a journey out to a known Gym and finding that your chosen team currently controls it anyway!

5. Finding Raids and Rare Pokemon Spawns Best Pokemon Go Cheats - Raids and Rare Spawns showing on a mobile

Similar to the Gym control maps, you can also find maps online which extend the range of searching beyond what is offered in your Pokemon Go game – and which can show you raids, as well as Pokemon spawns, in whichever area you choose to search.

Naturally, for things like rare spawning Pokemon, you’ll still have to be fast to catch them – so you may need to drive to a specific area to do so. 

It does take away some of the thrill of discovering that you’re out and about right near a rare Pokemon and just happening to be able to catch it on your own – but then, most of the exploits/hacks on this list remove that luck factor in order to maximise your opportunity to get something special. This map-based exploit is no different, of course!


Want to kick a particularly troublesome Pokemon from a Gym? This next entry in our Pokemon Go Cheats list can help with that!

It does, however, require multiple players to work together. Or, if you’re using our multiple account method on more than one device you have with you, it’ll be something you can do yourself!

Three players need to start a battle at the Gym, but then two will need to immediately drop out. Those two players should then join a new battle at the Gym and one player should drop out again.

That third player then starts another battle. With the Pokemon in question now under attack in three battles, when it finishes with the Pokemon having lost, the damage is calculated from each battle separately – so it’ll be knocked out immediately. 

Not strictly a cheat but definitely an exploit that we’re surprised hasn’t been patched yet, this definitely makes for a worthy bit of knowledge to glean from the best Pokemon cheats list!

3. Using A Pokemon Go Plus Clone Pokemon Go Plus clone

Next up on our list of Pokemon Go cheats is a tricksy little number – a Pokemon Go Plus clone.

The Pokemon Go Plus, one of our best Pokemon toys, is an accessory which almost feels like a cheat device already – albeit an official one.

It’s a wrist-mounted device that allows you to catch Pokemon and even collect items from Pokestops – without the need to open the app or use your phone at all!

There are third party devices – and again, be warned that these aren’t official in any way so we can’t vouch for their veracity or reliability – which claim to be able to do the same thing as the Pokemon Go Plus, albeit with better battery life and other benefits.

Some of these devices are said to be able to manage multiple accounts, which seems like a lofty claim – but there are reviews online which seem to back up this declaration. 

We here at Retro Dodo would urge caution, as we would in using any of the cheats and methods on this list, but it’s well worth doing some proper research if these devices do interest you.

2. Online Friend Codes

Let’s face it, we don’t always have the luxury of having local friends with exactly the same interests and hobbies as us – and what happens if no one you know is as interested in catching ‘em all as you? 

Especially when you can get so many regular gifts and bonuses for having a nice, big social circle in Pokemon Go – it’s definitely a good idea to have a friends list full of as many active players as possible.

Thankfully, the internet has the answer. There are numerous, easy to find forums and even dedicated websites that list people who are interested in being your Pokemon Go friend.

Simply upload your own friend code and take note of anyone else who you’d like to add; before you know it, you’ll have a big list of friends and (hopefully) a regular influx of items and bonuses too!

Though not strictly a cheat, it does kind of miss the point of using Pokemon Go as a social tool. It’s definitely less intrusive than many other cheats you may find, however – and this method is much more unlikely to result in you being banned either. Win win!

1. Account Sharing Best Pokemon Go Cheats - Account sharing with Piplup and Totodile

Of course, no player is able to cover every inch of the world in their hunt for Pokemon – and most aren’t able to travel much beyond a very specific and potentially limited distance.

However – with players located all over the world – if you’re willing to share an account with someone who lives overseas, you can both gain access to rare or otherwise inaccessible Pokemon that each of you wouldn’t normally be able to catch!

Do bear in mind that your location jumping may well draw the attention of Niantic, however. They’re fully aware that you can’t simply teleport across the globe, so frequent and drastic changes in location are a bit of a red flag!

However, as long as you’re sharing your account – which may contain sensitive details – with someone you trust, this is one of the least intrusive and problematic exploits for Pokemon Go. Used sparingly, it can be incredibly useful too – which puts it firmly at the top of the best Pokémon Go cheats list!

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