DEATHLOK #2-5 (1991): Souls of Cyberfolk

Issue #1 reintroduced this version of Deathlok after he was just introduced in a glossy direct sale miniseries. So now it’s time for an extended arc. It’s not bad, but it’s a bit…Stale. It turns into something pretty similar to the X-stories, except instead of anti-mutant bias substitute “anti-cyber people” bias. Even Misty Knight, with her bionic arm, is a target.

Check out Deathlok’s alternative to a trenchcoat disguise: Looking like a homeless guy!

I guess if someone saw the shine of silver underneath, they’d just assume it was a tinfoil hat so…Well done!

And just like the X-Men use mutants as an allegory for race, a black person in New York can get a cab more easily than a cyber…

A group of unfortunately named “Capturebots” start kidnapping cyberpeople, and Misty and Deathlok team up to stop them. And an X-Man is one of their victims…

So, who’s responsible for all this? Doom!

And where there’s Doctor Doom, there’s the Fantastic Four.

Actually, though, it’s not Doom. It’s a Doombot, who was collecting cybers to start a family. Which is a pretty cool idea.

This arc is redeeming itself!

I also like the idea of an alliance of mechanicals all on the same team, having been brought together by a Doombot.

And in the end, the inevitable huge fight.

Oh. Wait. This isn’t a huge fight. This is Deathlok reasoning with the new enhanced Doombot.

Of course they can’t just talk it out. Ultron has to go and ruin it.

Still, a different kind of ending. Well done. This is a solid above-average book, and it had a lot of potential to be a great comic.

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