Mario fan recreates Rainbow Road in Fortnite Creative

Mario fan recreates Rainbow Road in Fortnite Creative

Here at Pocket Tactics, we love a fan-made in-game creation. From doodles in the lockers of Splatoon across the screen of your Nintendo Switch, to painstakingly crafted Minecraft worlds made to look like Bikini Bottom, we’ve seen a few in our time, but not quite as many as inspired as this Fortnite Creative imagining of Mario’s much-loved intergalactic highway.

Based on the GBA version of the classic Mario Kart track, the Reddit Rainbow Road Fortnite Creative recreation is truly something to behold, full of all the vibrant colours and chaotic corners that you might remember from playing the handheld racer in your youth. Complete with a starscape sky glittering with fireworks, it’s little surprise that most of the comments on the original Reddit post are requesting a code to find the map.

Even more impressive than the attention to detail in the course itself is the version of Peach’s palace in the centre of the map, with no discernible difference from the famous castle from Super Mario 64. The coral pink spires are there, the grey fortress walls surround the castle, all that’s really missing is a Yoshi on top.

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