Splatoon 3: Best Weapons Tier List (September 2022)

Source: Gamer Tweak. Visit Splatoon 3: Best Weapons Tier List (September 2022) for more information.

splatoon 3 best weapons tier list

In Splatoon 3, there are more than 50 weapons from 8 different classes so many players need a Tier list. While some weapons may not be as powerful as the others they are all fun to use. But if you plan on playing Anarchy battles then knowing the best weapons will let you get and master them faster. So let us quickly check this tier list of best weapons for Splatoon 3.

Best Weapons Tier List in Splatoon 3

tier list of best weapons for splatoon 3

There are different classes of weapons in this game so you might feel that a weapon on the S tier of this list might not fit your playstyle. This is fine as the goal is to enjoy playing with the weapons you like the most. This tier list is just my recommendation of the best weapons in the game and should mostly be useful to beginners. So now let us check this list:

Weapon Tier
Splattershot S Tier
Hero Shot Replica S Tier
.52 Gal S Tier
Squeezer S Tier
Blaster A Tier
Sloshing Machine A Tier
Range Blaster A Tier
Dualie Squelchers A Tier
Heavy Splatling A Tier
Slosher A Tier
N-ZAP ’85 A Tier
Splat Roller A Tier
Flingza Roller A Tier
Dark Tetra Dualies A Tier
E-liter 4K A Tier
Glooga Dualies A Tier
Splat Dualies A Tier
Sploosh-o-matic A Tier
E-liter 4K Scope B Tier
H-3 Nozzlenose B Tier
Classic Squiffer B Tier
Rapid Blaster B Tier
Dapple Dualies B Tier
Splash-o-matic B Tier
Bamboozler 14 Mk I B Tier
Dynamo Roller B Tier
Splattershot Jr. B Tier
Splat Charger B Tier
Ballpoint Splatling B Tier
Hydra Splatling B Tier
Luna Blaster B Tier
Nautilus 47 B Tier
L-3 Nozzlenose B Tier
Goo Tuber B Tier
Inkbrush B Tier
Tri-Slosher B Tier
Splattershot Pro B Tier
Rapid Blaster Pro C Tier
REEF-LUX 450 C Tier
Explosher C Tier
Splatterscope C Tier
Bloblobber C Tier
Splat Brella C Tier
Jet Squelcher C Tier
.96 Gal C Tier
Octobrush C Tier
Tenta Brella D Tier
Splatana Stamper D Tier
Clash Blaster D Tier
Carbon Roller D Tier
Tri-Stringer D Tier
Aerospray MG F Tier
Splatana Wiper F Tier
Mini Splatling F Tier
Undercover Brella F Tier

That covers this tier list of the best weapons in Splatoon 3. I suggest you check our Tier Lists for other games to learn about the best items and weapons for them. And for more things Splatoon 3 check out Gamer Tweak.

Source: Gamer Tweak. Visit Splatoon 3: Best Weapons Tier List (September 2022) for more information.

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