"Threaded Together" Best Animation at FOF Awards

"Threaded Together" Best Animation at FOF Awards
Best Animation at the Future of Film Awards
Congratulations to the makers of "Threaded Together", which has won an award for Best Animation at the Future of Film Awards. 

Threaded Together was directed by Shauna Ludgate and produced by Manos Zervoudakis. The original score was composed by Maria Cortes-Monroy.

Threaded Together tells the story of a needle who longs to be reunited with his friends.  

This is the third festival award for Threaded Together

Threaded Together | Short Animation Film from Manos Zervoudakis on Vimeo.

Threaded Together
Threaded Together was created by our third-year animation students, working together in a group as part of the Studio Project PR6001. Group project work is at the heart of what we do at Escape Studios, one of the five pillars of the "Escape Method".

Directed by Shauna Ludgate and produced by Manos ZervoudakisThreaded Together tells the story of a needle who longs to be reunited with his friends.

Threaded Together was animated in Maya, edited in Premiere, and rendered in Unreal Engine.

Threaded Together Credits

Escape Studios Tutors
Threaded Together was overseen by 3rd year animation tutor Paul Harrison.

Festival Success
The Rookies

Industry Feedback
A special thank you to our industry partners - Juani Guiraldes and Felipe de Lanteuil from ILM, and animation director Will Lloyd-Cook from Blue Zoo, for all their generous feedback and support throughout the project.

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