All Interviews and Films from I’M FINE! Project Now Online, as Project Nears End

With only 10 days remaining of the I’M FINE! Project, which tackles mental health and burnout in the animation industry, not only are you able to watch all 13 short films (and a Q&A) online for free now, but you can also access all 12 interviews from the series: 4 mini-podcasts, 4 videos and 4 articles.

The project focuses on the ways to maintain mental health and stay motivated and productive in a world that changes every minute, and is a reflection on the emotional burnout from the best independent animation creators. The interviews feature said artists who share their experiences of going through emotional burnout.

Free Online Film Programme

Following the successful offline screenings at Chichester Film Festival (UK), Linoleum Animation Festival (Ukraine), and Bolton Film Festival (UK) over the past month, the full programme of short films are now available online for free via the Megogo platform (no registration required).

The film programme includes:



Video Interviews

As part of the project, Skwigly’s Ben Mitchell conducted a number of conversations with the filmmakers, and posed important questions about emotional & creative burnout and how they deal with it within their filmmaking process. These video and audio Interviews are available below:

Video 1: Meet the Filmmakers

Video 2: Does Animation Have a Therapeutic Value?

Video 3: Do deadlines have a positive or negative impact on how to approach a creative project

Video 4: Animator Burn Out: What self-maintenance did you undergo to move through it?


Podcast Interviews

If you prefer to digest these subjects in audio form, we have also created 4 mini-podcasts where we interview each of the animation filmmakers about how they deal with creative burnout and their mental health.

I’M FINE! Podcast Minisode 1: Will Anderson, Anna Mantzaris & Margarida Madeira

I’m Fine! Podcast Minisode 2: Catherine Lepage, Julia Skala & Johnny Kelly

I’m Fine! Podcast Minisode 3: Fabienne Priess & Jakub Krzyszpin

I’m Fine! Podcast Minisode 4: Anna Samo, Konrad Hjemli & Jakob Eiring


Interview Articles

Finally, we wrap up our project series with 4 article Interviews with: DIRECTOR NAMES

Drawn Undrew Draw – Angel Wu Interview | I’M FINE! – UK/Ukraine Season

AM I ORIGHT – Yen Liang Chen Interview | I’M FINE! – UK/Ukraine Season

Conversations with a Whale – Anna Samo Interview | I’M FINE! – UK/Ukraine Season

Hi! How are You? – Gaïa Grandin-Mendzylewski Interview | I’M FINE! – UK/Ukraine Season


I’M FINE! is a project by the LINOLEUM Contemporary Animation and Media Art Festival and Skwigly Animation Magazine. It is implemented with the support of the British Council within the framework of the UK/Ukraine Season of Culture.

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