Batman: One Bad Day—Penguin #1 Review

Writer: John Ridley
Art: Giuseppe Camuncoli and Cam Smith
Publisher: DC comics
Price: $7.99
Release date: October 18, 2022

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The waddling master of fowl play gets his story told in Batman: One Bad Day—Penguin #1. While the Penguin is usually presented as a crime lord heavily involved in Gotham’s underworld, this comic sees him trying to retake his empire that was lost to him. It also sheds some light on the childhood of Oswald Cobblepot and what motivated him to be a villain. The issue focuses on the Penguin’s physical deformities and makes him more sympathetic. Despite his criminal pursuits, he just wants to be respected and loved. Batman: One Bad Day—Penguin #1 shows him reconnecting with a former associate, who also has a physical deformity. The conversation between them shows that Penguin has turned more people away because of his behavior rather than his looks.


The artwork is good in Batman: One Bad Day—Penguin #1. There is a particularly great panel of Batman swooping down on a thug, as well as Penguin’s gal pal, Lili, raising her fists ready to fight. The fight between Penguin and Umbrella Man is somewhat graphic, but most of the gore is shrouded in shadows.


Batman: One Bad Day—Penguin #1 is really a story about Oswald Cobblepot finding true friendship, more than it is about Penguin regaining his criminal empire. He doesn’t fit in with society because of his looks, and he wants to be around people who will accept him, warts and all. It shows the Penguin in a sympathetic light, and many readers may be to relate to this aspect of his story. Overall, it was a good spotlight on this classic Batman villain and expanded upon the Penguin’s character in a fresh, new way.


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