FFXIV All Saints’ Wake 2022 Brings Lab Coats and Cookies

FFXIV All Saints Wake 2022

A fright-filled Halloween is coming to Final Fantasy XIV next week. Or rather, a fright-filled "All Saints' Wake", which is the Eorzean seasonal event that just so happens to fall in the same period as the real world's Halloween (and All Saints' Day). This year, FFXIV All Saints' Wake 2022 begins its annual run on Wednesday, October 19th, and runs until November 1st, the same day as the real world's All Saints' Day.

This will be the second time this year the FFXIV All Saints' Wake 2022 event has actually happened. This is because the 2021 event was delayed by the release of the Endwalker expansion. As such, the 2021 event happened in January 2022, rewarding players with a festive clown suit.

To celebrate, Square Enix uploaded some bespoke artwork and a preview screenshot of a decorative holiday haunted mansion.

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As with the typical seasonal Final Fantasy XIV event, players will need to be level 15 and have access to Gridania to start the event quest. They'll need to talk to The Adventurer's Guild Investigator at Mih Khetto's Amphitheatre. From there, they'll need to complete the quest to win the goods, or currency that can be traded for the goods at the event vendor. This time, the FFXIV All Saints' Wake prizes include both a full costume set and an emote.

The costume set is the "Wake Doctor" set. It includes a full-face mask, a lab coat-like top with attached potion holders and tool belt, and pants, gloves, and shoes. The emote is "Eat Pumpkin Cookie", which prompts the Warrior of Light to chow down on a jack-o-lantern-shaped cookie. Lastly, for FFXIV housing enthusiasts, there's a Caged Wisp, a tabletop decor item that shows a glowing blue ball imprisoned inside a metal cage.

Final Fantasy XIV is readily available on PC, PS4, and PS5. The event begins on October 19, 2022, and runs until November 1, 2022.

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