FIFA Mobile 22 announces the arrival of its mid-season update in November 2022

After initially announcing the game’s upcoming plans and the limited beta of FIFA Mobile 22, EA has finally announced the arrival of the game’s mid-season update. The much-awaited mid-season update with an updated roster and kits is set to arrive in November 2022 along with a new game mode that celebrates the FIFA World Cup 2022.

The latest update by EA seems promising indeed, and it certainly feels as though there is something big to look forward to in FIFA Mobile.

FIFA Mobile 22 mid-season update

With the upcoming update, EA promises to elevate the gaming experience with a Gameplay Update, a robust Roster Update based on the recent transfers and happenings, and a new UI. What’s more, since it will be a mid-season update, players will now retain all progress from the current season and will be able to continue improving their teams. Here’s what EA has planned for the upcoming Mid-Season Update:

  • Season Progression Update
  • FIFA World Cup 2022 Mode
  • Gameplay Update including Advanced Passing
  • Base Player Roster Update
  • New Kits and Crests
  • A Fresh New Look
Season Progression Update

The ongoing FIFA Mobile season will continue forward as was discussed earlier. In fact, as the update is named, this is only the midpoint of the season ie the mid-season! Since this is a Mid-Season Update, players won’t lose any progress on their teams.

We have news to share about the Season ?

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— FIFA Mobile (@EAFIFAMOBILE) October 21, 2022

Rather than that, players from new and upcoming events will have a steady increase in their OVRs and stats! However there won’t be any changes to Ranks, Player Training, and Skill Boosts levels for the current season. The devs will be continuing to review them and share updates on the same in the future.

FIFA World Cup 2022 gamemode

Similar to beloved FIFA World Cup 2018 gamemode back from FIFA 18, EA is bringing the FIFA World Cup 2022 gamemode to celebrate the upcoming sporting event in its mid-season update. Players can experience the thrill of competing with their favorite nations in the FIFA World Cup 2022 Mode. Users can play as any of the 32 authentic qualifying National Teams, including Argentina, Brazil, England, France, Germany, and Spain.

All-new Advanced Passing mechanism

EA has introduced new gameplay mechanism and techniques, including the the new Advanced Passing. With the new Advanced Passing, players can break through opponents’ defenses with powerful driven passes, find the space to create opportunities in tight gaps with dink passes, and orchestrate important trigger runs.

The new Advanced Passing brings five different types of passing actions that the players can perform according to the situation. Residents from India and Canada can currerntly try out the all new Advanced Passing technique in the ongoing limited beta of FIFA Mobile 22.

Roster Update

With the mid-season update, FIFA Mobile 22 brings the much-awaited and much-needed base players roster update. The player database will finally be synced according to the recent moves that happened during the Summer Transfer Window of 2022.

FIFA-Mobile-22-Juventus-Team-UpdateImage via Electronic Arts

Additionally the base players that are already existing in the player’s inventory, they will be updated according to new and current clubs, team kits, skill boosts, stats, and even OVR. However it must be noted that the roster update and changes will only affect base players and not any event players from the past.

New and Updated Kits

Ofcourse the update to a new season or mid-season in this case can never be complete without new and updated jerseys. Hence with the new update, players will be able to equip their teams with the new 2022-2023 club kits along with the new National Team crests and kits!

New UI and Look

The Mid-Season Update will bring a fresh new look to FIFA Mobile inspired by FIFA 23 and the World Cup! Players will notice a new UI reskin with awesome key visuals once they log into the game!

Final Thoughts

With these database and kit updates and introduction of FIFA World Cup 2022 and Advanced Passing, the future of FIFA Mobile 22 looks really promising. The devs also further announced that players need not wonder about the team’s progress being rest as this is just the mid-season and there is a lot to play for in the current ongoing season. Therefore the season reset is still months away fellas!

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