Genshin Impact Guide: Rukkhashava locations and where to find them

Genshin Impact Guide: Rukkhashava locations and where to
find them

Rukkhashava is a type of mushroom native to Sumeru. They are mostly found in the Ashavan Realm and Lokapala Jungle. They are not found all over in the wild like Sumeru Roses. If you have Tighnari in your party, the locations of nearby Rukkhashava mushrooms will appear on the mini-map. Here’s our guide on all Rukkhashava locations in Genshin Impact.

How to find the Rukkhashava in Genshin Impact

Mawtiyima forest is the best place to farm Rukkhashava mushrooms. Most of the Rukkhashava mushrooms in the Mawtiyima forest are found right under the top of the towering mushroom-like structures. Players can easily travel between these mushroom-like structures using the four-leaf clovers. Some of them are also along the road on the ground level, which makes them easy to spot. 

Genshin Impact Rukkhashava locations Mawtiyima ForestImage via HoYoverse

Use the underground teleport waypoint at Devantaka mountain to reach the Rukkhashava mushrooms faster. 

Genshin Impact Rukkhashava locations Devantaka mountainImage via HoYoverse

Rukkhashava mushrooms in the Apam woods are mostly found on the platforms on the trees. Climb or use the four-leaf clovers to reach the platforms easily. Some of them are underground, teleport to the domain to access them. 

Genshin Impact Rukkhashava locations Apam WoodsImage via HoYoverse

Rukkhashava mushrooms near the Fane of Ashvattha are locked behind several puzzles. The area where the mushrooms are found is not accessible without solving these puzzles. 


Two merchants sell Rukkhashava mushrooms. They are Aramani and Ashpazi. Armani is an Aranara found in Vanarana during the Dream state only. Ashpazi is a merchant found in Gandharva Ville. Both of their stocks refresh every three real-world days. Both of them sell 5 five Rukkhashava mushrooms for 1000 Mora each.


Talking to the NPC Farbod in Gandharva Ville will give four Rukkhashave mushrooms. This can be obtained only once. 

Uses of Rukkhashava in Genshin Impact

As of the version 3.1 update, only one character uses Rukkhashava mushrooms for ascension, Collei. Rukkhashava mushrooms are used to craft the Dendroculus Resonance Stone. They are also used as ingredients in Forrest Watcher’s Choice and Mushroom Hodgepodge. 

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