How do you win on the Dancing Drums slot machine?

The online gambling industry is heavily dominated by slot games, and there is a good reason for that. Slot games are simple and fun to play, and they offer a good RTP which means that players can actually make some profits.

Since slot machines are very popular, big game-developing companies are pumping up new slot games every day. Some of them become an instant hit with the public due to their attractiveness, and chances to win some big money.

One such slot game is the Dancing Drums, which is quite a popular slot that will infuse some Asian flavor into your life.

In today’s article, we will take a closer look at the Dancing Drums slot and find out how can you increase your winning chances.

How to Play the Dancing Drum Slot

Created by SG Digital, Dancing Drums is a quite simple slot to play. It includes five reels and three rows which add up to 243 ways you can win some money. There are many different symbols included in the slot, and the lowest paying ones are the symbols from nine to ace.

Additionally, you can land on unique symbols that will beef up your winnings such as coins, a pot, a flower, a ship, and a golden dragon.

There is also a Chinese script with a red border, which is the wild symbol and appears only on reels two three, and four. The wild symbol substitutes for all other symbols in this slot and will help you create more winning lines.

Even though this might look easy and simple to understand, you still need a strategy that will help you increase your winnings.

You can find some fun tips and tricks here:

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Strategies for Dancing Drum Slot

Since we are talking about a slot game where the player has almost no influence on the outcome of the game, there are very few things you can do in order to increase your winning chances.

The simplest option is to bet a higher amount just to increase your winnings, but this is a risky strategy since it can consume your gambling budget fairly quickly.

The best strategy is to go for the lowest bets, just to extend your gambling session and possibly land on a bonus round.

The Dancing Drum slot offers two bonus features such as the Fu Babies Jackpot Bonus that pays out randomly when one or more of the wild symbols appear, and you can grab a mini, minor, major, and grand jackpot.

The second bonus is a Free Spins round, and you’ll get this bonus if three or more Drum scatters symbols appear on the reels. This will unlock five free spins, and by doing this, you’ll increase your winning chances to 7,776 ways.

Return to Player of Dancing Drums

The return to player (RTP) percentage of Dancing Drums is fairly good coming at on average around 96%. It isn’t the highest-paying slot, nor the lowest-paying one.

However, like most other slots of this type, you’ll have to play for a while in order to get lucky and possibly catch a big win or a jackpot.

That is why the best strategy for playing the Dancing Drums is to lower your bet amount, get the use of the bonus rounds, and play for as long as possible. By placing lower bets, you’ll extend the playing ability of your budget and possibly unlock more bonus rounds that will pay you the most.

Since most slot games depend on luck, and there are no skills involved in the process, the outcome cannot be impacted by any strategy. The best option is to bet wisely, know when to quit to lock in the profits, and take advantage of the free spins and bonus rounds.

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