How to Use an Arcane Dowsing Rod in Dead By Daylight

Dead By Daylight‘s Halloween Event is here and brings fun challenges and cosmetics to unlock. The event is Haunted By Daylight, and players can earn exclusive rewards by completing a new tome. Spooky items appear in the Bloodweb, including flickering flashlights, blight serum, and the new Arcane Dowsing Rod. Find out below how to use an Arcane Dowsing Rod in Dead By Daylight.

Finding and Using an Arcane Dowsing Rod in Dead By Daylight

The Arcane Dowsing Rods can be found by both Survivor or Killer in their respective Bloodwebs. Players must spend Bloodpoints to unlock each item in the Bloodweb and level up their character. Items, perks, and add-ons appear randomly so some Bloodpoints will have to be spent to eventually have Arcane Dowsing Rods show up.

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