HUAWEI Scale 3 Review

HUAWEI Scale 3 Review
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A scale can often feel like the enemy to someone on a weight loss journey. The dread that someone has going into a weigh-in and the disappointment one feels if the number isn’t what you think it should be can be a morale-crusher. But what if you could get some truly constructive data from your weigh in to help you understand that the number on the scale is only one small part of the journey? Enter the HUAWEI Scale 3, which measures over 10 aspects of your body to bring your entire physical make up into view and help you to understand that weight is only the tip of the iceberg.

The HUAWEI Scale 3 is fairly lightweight and has an incredibly thin profile compared to standard digital scales. The display is hidden until you stand on the scale, and it appears on the surface between your feet (you know, where you would usually look). It also connects via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to your phone and feeds the information directly into the HUAWEI Health App, giving you a complete view of your measurements.

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And what exactly are those measurements? The Scale 3, in addition to your weight, measures your BMI (Body Mass Index), Body Fat Rate, Fat-Free Mass, Skeletal Muscle Mass, Protein, Bone Mineral Content, Visceral Fat Level, Basal Metabolic Rate and your Heart Rate.

“What I really like about the HUAWEI Scale 3 is how much it really tells me about me.”

How it measures is going to require you to remove some clothes, but just your socks. The HUAWEI Scale 3 runs harmless electrodes through you from your skin contact with the scale (actually safe, not just me saying that, I use it every day). That measures your fat and water content, helping discern everything it can about your body composition. If you hop on the HUAWEI Scale 3 with any kind of footwear, none of those extra measurements will come through.

What I really like about the HUAWEI Scale 3 is how much it really tells me about me. I could be discouraged to see my weight not changing, but to see that my Body Fat Rate is dropping, then I am getting a sense of progress still. Bone and muscle mass will go up as you get healthier and without data like this, you can trick yourself into not making changes that may be needed to really improve.

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The fact that I can just weigh in each morning and then go sit with my morning tea and go over my progress is incredibly helpful. It motivates me when I am seeing the progress I am looking for and motivates me to make the appropriate changes when I’m not seeing that progress because I know what needs work. The only thing that really hurts it in my opinion is its lack of integration with other popular fitness applications.

The scale comes in at $68.99 CAD which is a fair price for the work it does. You will find smart scales on Amazon from brands you have never heard of for similar prices (and some coming in far more expensive). Considering a standard digital scale comes in at around $25, the extra $40 for ten times the functionality is a steal.

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