McDonalds Adult Happy Meal Toys Posted on eBay For $300,000

McDonalds Adult Happy Meal Toys Posted on eBay For

McDonald's released some adult Happy Meals, and now the toys are being listed on eBay for $300,000. In a logical endpoint to this scalping frenzy that has exploded over the last few years, people lucky enough to secure the company's collaboration with Cactus Plant Flea Market are trying to cash in. McDonald's made the drop limited and that means that all manner of Internet "entrepreneurs" were chomping at the bit to see what they could get on the open market. Some of these toys are only worth a few dollars, but in these times, scarcity means that there's a market for just about anything. Right now, it seems implausible that someone could get that lofty sum for their item. But, a factory sealed iPhone from the device's first iterations sold for more than $20,000 just last week. So, hope springs eternal. Here's what McDonald's had to say about the phenomenon.

"We're taking one of the most nostalgic McDonald's experiences and literally repackaging it in a new way that's hyper-relevant for our adult fans," explained Tariq Hassan, McDonald's USA Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer. "I can't wait to give fans a unique piece of art and culture as we dive headfirst into the dynamic world of Cactus Plant Flea Market together next week. With menu favorites like the Big Mac and McNuggets at the center of this collab, this is another way we're reigniting a new generation's love for our food and the brand."

Guess who got their Adult Happy Meal from McDoanlds????? lol

-- Dee Holt ???? ? (@D_1andOnly_) October 6, 2022
What's In These Adult Happy Meals?
  • We're serving up some of our most popular menu items - choose between a Big Mac(R) with 100% pure beef patties topped with our fan-favorite Big Mac sauce, or our perfectly crispy 10-piece Chicken McNuggets(R). And we're also throwing in World Famous Fries(R) and a drink for the ultimate meal.
  • What's a boxed meal at McDonald's without a surprise inside? Open it up to find one of four collectible figurines made just for the Cactus Plant Flea Market Box - Grimace(R), the Hamburglar(R), and Birdie(R) are back and are now joined by Cactus Buddy!, exclusively within the Cactus Plant Flea Market Box.
McDonald's Brings Back Halloween Happy Meal Buckets

On the kids' side of things, the company decided to bring back those wildly popular Halloween buckets this year. Many on social media reacted to that news with the same kind of fervor. However, getting a pail is going to be approximately 200x easier than securing an adult Happy Meal. Check out what they had to say.


"We heard you loud and clear... if Spooky SZN doesn't include McDonald's Halloween Pails, then you don't want it," the fast-food chain wrote in a statement. "They may have vanished for a while... but that didn't stop you from finding clever ways to keep their spooky spirit alive -- from potting plants in them to using them as (outfit of the day) accessories."

Did you see the Adult Happy Meal fervor? Let us know down in the comments!

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