Modern Warfare 2: How to Change Your Name to a Different Color

Modern Warfare 2: How to Change Your Name to a Different

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is the latest entry in the iconic series and the game was released worldwide on 28th October for players to enjoy. The game has brought forth an immersive experience for players and introduced them to incredible graphics and realistic combat mechanics. However, since its global launch, Modern Warfare 2 has had its fair share of problems including server connection errors, game crashes, and audio issues. Additionally, hordes of players who purchased the game complained of not being able to access it and some of them also got wrongfully banned in the span of three days.

However, this does not distract us from the fact that Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare 2 has new features to offer including a new way to tune weapons and unlock camos within the game. One of the most apparent features you must have spotted is certain players having colorful names in the lobby. It is not a cheat or a hack and you can also change your name’s appearance in Modern Warfare 2.

Customizing player name color in Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2 allows players to customize the color of their player name while waiting for friends to turn up online. It is important to note that the color customizer does not appear in-game or while you are waiting in the lobby but only shows up for the player when editing their loadout and while on the friend list. However, in order to add cool colors to a player profile, you will have to use the clan tag function. 

To play around with your profile colors, you will have to navigate to the right side of the settings menu where you can see the account level. This is where you can change your emblem, calling card, and clan tags. It is always cool to load up into Modern Warfare with your clan tag on display to show off how you are part of a certain team. But in case you are not sporting one, you can use this option to change the name color. 

All you need to do is use the up arrow (^) function and input a number from zero through nine to choose a color of your liking.

Modern Warfare 2: Profile colors

The following is a list of the codes and the colors they represent in-game:

Here are all the colors players can change their names to and the code they need:

  • Black = ^0

  • Red = ^1

  • Green = ^2

  • Yellow = ^3

  • Dark Blue = ^4

  • Light Blue = ^5

  • Pink = ^6

  • White = ^7

  • Sky Blue = ^8

  • Dark Red = ^9

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