Modern Warfare 2 safe codes for Alone and El Sin Nombre

Modern Warfare 2 safe codes for Alone and El Sin

There are three safe codes to find in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 campaign and these are needed for the El Sin Nombre and Alone missions. Cracking these safes isn't necessary to progress through the game but you'll be rewarded with some useful weapons if you decide to investigate.

These MW2 safe codes can be quite tricky to locate so I'll save you some trouble and list them below. I'll also explain where you can find them if you'd rather do some of the legwork yourself. If you're ready to get cracking, here are the Modern Warfare 2 safe codes for the new Call of Duty campaign.

Modern Warfare 2 El Sin Nombre safe code 

The first safe is found in Diego's bedroom during the El Sin Nombre mission. The code you're looking for is the "date" found on a portrait in the same room as the safe. 

  • The El Sin Nombre safe code is 02-02-19.

Once you've accessed the safe, you'll be rewarded with a silenced Lockwood 300 shotgun and Plate Carrier armour.

Modern Warfare 2 Alone safe codes 

There are two safes to find during the Alone mission. The first is inside the office in the Coffee Shop, though you'll need to pry open the door to reach it. You can work out the safe code from the clue on the calendar in the same room. 

  • The Alone coffee shop safe code is 10-10-80.

The reward for cracking this one is a silenced .50 GS pistol and a throwing knife. Good job, one more safe to go.

The second Alone MW2 safe is found inside the workshop office during the same mission. The safe code is discovered by checking the computer there.

  • The Alone workshop safe code is 37-60-80.

You'll find a crossbow and another throwing knife inside this final safe. 

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