Orangutan Gaming Unveils Its New Esports Training Facility: The Forest

Orangutan Gaming Unveils Its New Esports Training Facility:
The Forest

Orangutan Gaming has unveiled its esports training facility, ”The Forest,” to the Indian gaming community.The gaming house was allegedly under construction for over a year, and was finally unveiled to be a 15,000 square feet four story structure set up in Navi Mumbai. The Forest facility houses all of Orangutan Gaming’s esports players and content creators. It features a Valorant room, Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) room, Free Fire room, and many other facilities for all its esports players, content creators, and support staff.

Orangutan Gaming Esports Training Facility – The Forest overview

The organization has dedicated an entire floor to its esports division. This floor houses all the facilities for the organization’s esports roster of Valorant, BGMI, and Free Fire.

Esports Floor

The Esports floor is an entire floor dedicated to all the esports players of Orangutan Gaming. It features various dedicated rooms for different key purposes.

Valorant Room: It consists of six PCs – five for players and one for the coach. All the PCs in the Valorant room have high-performance parts including Ryzen 9 processors and Nvidia Geforce RTX 3080 Ti graphics cards. Furthermore, the headsets and mice for all the PCs are custom designed for Orangutan Gaming. The room’s design aims to give the players a feeling of playing in a LAN environment.

BGMI and Free Fire Rooms: The rooms for BGMI and Free Fire have the same setup. All four players sit together on gaming chairs at a table with a high-performance router in the center for lag-free gaming. A coach has a PC to review gameplay.

VOD Room: A dedicated room for all the players and coaches to watch gameplay videos and analyze them.

Other Facilities

Apart from the Esports floor, The Forest provides much more facilities to its players and content creators. Following is the list of all the other facilities.

Chill Zone: Chill Zone is designed for all the players and content creators to chill and watch their favorite content, like movies and matches. It also features a Pool table.

Editor’s Area: It is a special room for all the video editors with specialized facilities to edit content for Orangutan Gaming’s content creators.

Studio: A green screen studio for all the content creators to shoot and create professional content.

Dining Area: A dining room where all the players eat together every day.

Streaming Rooms: The gaming house features customized streaming rooms for all the streamers to create content for themselves as well as for Orangutan Gaming. Each creator has a specialized and customized cabinet, mouse, headset, and all accessories.

Besides all the facilities mentioned above, The Forest also features a Kitchen, a Living Room, Bedrooms, and a massive gym.

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