She-Hulk Fans React to That Wild Cameo

She-Hulk Fans React to That Wild Cameo

She-Hulk: Attorney At Law wrapped up its first season today with a bonkers finale that combined spectacle, comedy, fourth-wall-breaking, and a handful of cameos. Fans have been a bit split on the series, but the general consensus on social media this morning seems to be that the finale was bold and wild and silly enough that most people are falling into the "totally worth it" camp. We've already broken down what might be the most important cameo in terms of long-term storytelling for the characters of Hulk and She-Hulk, but there's another cameo everyone is talking about.

It's a cameo that has long been rumored, and spoilers that leaked online earlier this week have had Twitter buzzing about it, but to see it in real life is...a bit different than expected. It makes sense in a way that only She-Hulk could probably get away with.

Spoilers ahead for the season one finale of She-Hulk: Attorney At Law.

As the fight between Jen and the Intelligencia explodes in scale and stakes, Jen starts to be frustrated that all of the season's storylines are coming to a head at once. And no, that's not us saying it. That's the way she puts it in the context of the show. In an homage to the character's occasional fourth wall-breaking habits in the comic books, Jen climbs out of the Disney+ menu, and enters into an Assembled behind-the-scenes documentary. Now free to move in the "real world," Jen has words with the She-Hulk writers room, who tell her she has to talk to "Kevin," the figure behind the MCU's decisions.

It's a nod to Kevin Feige, of course, but don't expect a Stan Lee-style cameo. Instead, Kevin is transformed into K.E.V.I.N. -- Knowledge Enhanced Visual Interconnectivity Nexus. He's a robot who serves as the MCU's architect, and whose "face" is a trio of colored lights with a curved bill hanging out over it not unlike a traffic light...or a baseball cap, which Feige is consistently seen wearing in the real world.

K.E.V.I.N. is, maybe unsurprisingly, a little offended by the notion that Jen wants to change the ending of her story. After the two debate back and forth (and Jen points out some of the common complaints about the MCU, from the predictability of its endings, to the lack of sex scenes, to the daddy issues among its male characters) K.E.V.I.N. ultimately agrees to let Jen rewrite the story on her terms. She then returns to the MCU, and the story resumes.

Woo! Got all that? Well, as you can imagine, the internet has Thoughts about Feige, his H.E.R.B.I.E.-like portrayal, and the She-Hulk finale's wildly unconventional wrap-up.

You can see some of the best and funniest responses from Twitter below.

It's real

oh my god it's actually real (spoiler alert)

-- GrimmJaw (@fajargrimmjaw) October 13, 2022
A treat

she-hulk is actually what it looks like when marvel lets creative freedom run free (as much as possible under kevin's hat). it's a silly and witty little series that is a genuinely entertaining treat <3

-- caramel? (@minnieskurt) October 13, 2022

The fact that they turned Kevin Feige into an AI was just icing on this already delicious cake. ?

She-Hulk really used those 4th wall breaks to her advantage. Addressing the man babies, the complaints the fans have had regarding the finales, the expensive CGI. ?

-- Key'Shawn Watkins #BLM (@KeyWatkins51299) October 13, 2022

That she-hulk episode?????

Breaking the fourth wall so hard and going to the actual marvel studios and telling Kevin she doesn't want this ending???

The self awareness of marvel talking about their basic formula???

Bruce and his ***????

Best D+ show.

-- Bevan (@bleach_boy_vevo) October 13, 2022
Not technically a reaction, but also not wrong

If Kevin Feige really makes an appearance in the last episode of She-Hulk the internet will go crazy

-- ? (@eternalscomics) October 12, 2022
Fair point, TBH

Everyone talking about she-hulk talking to kevin fiege. No one talking about Hulks son????

-- Ezki (@Ezki_) October 13, 2022
When, Lord? When do I get to see the sailboat?

I sighed when Todd was revealed as the villain ngl, but when #SheHulk broke into the MARVEL STUDIOS HQ and ASKED "When are we getting THE X-MEN?", this show became genius. Like yesss Marvel this a great depiction of She-Hulk from the comics. But like fr Kevin, when tho?

-- FannyboyMon (@FannyboyMon) October 13, 2022
"Moved on"

#SHEHULK spoilers
The finale probably had one of my favorite jokes in the MCU when Kevin tells She-Hulk to turn into Jen off screen because the VFX artists have moved onto another project, and a le-motif from the Black Panther theme played?. I was howling.

-- Rohit Rajput (@Rohit_Rajput757) October 13, 2022
Yeah, this is exhausting.

People on TikTok and Twitter are literally complaining that She-Hulk didn't end in a huge CGI Hulk fight...even though the whole KEVIN conversation was about how every MCU project ends that way She-Hulk makes it clear that IT DOESNT HAVE TO END THAT WAY!

-- romansempire by night (@romansempir3) October 13, 2022

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