The Commodordion – An accordion made of Commodore 64

The Commodordion – An accordion made of Commodore 64

It is “part of the job” of any retro computer enthusiast to look for exciting projects to work on – and maybe one day finish them. Sometimes, a crazy (in a good sense) mind extrapolates beyond reasonable projects and comes up with something unique. One of these cases is the Commodordion, an unsettling musical instrument made of two Commodore 64 floppy disks and gaffer tape!

Linus Åkesson is not new to this type of project as he released in the past the Sixtyforgan a Commodore 64 equipped with a spring reverb, featuring the keyboard layout of a chromatic button accordion, and the Qwertuoso, a small program for playing SID music live on a Commodore 64.


Commodordion has been in the making for about three years, and it was finally presented to the public last week. The melody side of the Commodordion runs Qwertuoso. The accompaniment side runs a custom application for playing chords and loops. The bellows are custom-made using 5 1/4″ disks. The air blows on a microphone on one of the sides, which is analyzed and converted to change the music, as a regular accordion does. The expert explanation of how it works is presented in a 12-minute video that has already reached 150K views, which hints that the novelty grabbed the interest of many people outside of the vintage computer community!

Source: Commodore News

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