3D Modeling Tutorials at Our Vimeo Channel

3D Modeling Tutorials at Our Vimeo Channel
3D Modeling Tutorials
Our Escape Studios Vimeo Tutorial Channel supports our students with online resources for 3D VFX.

Our Vimeo Tutorial Channel is our central hub for our animation and VFX video tutorials, making it easy for our students to find tutorials to support their classroom studies.   We have many 3D Modeling tutorials, covering Polygons and NURBS in Maya, as well as Z Brush and Mudbox. 

3D Modeling Techniques in Maya

Create Objects in Maya
How to create objects in Maya - a very basic introduction
Introduction to modeling tools with Michael Davies. Includes 5 videos on basic modeling in Maya.

1. Components
This video explores the basic components in Maya.  Polygons are made up of Faces, Edges and Vertices.  These are known as Components. Object and Component Mode explained and contrasted. (5 mins) 

2. The Edit Mesh
This video explores the Edit Mesh Modifier that can be applied to objects and components. (15 mins) How to use the "Edit Mesh" tab.

3. The Mesh Tools
Mesh Tools in Maya offer a toolset that enables further manipulation of assets. (12 mins)  What do the tools in the Mesh Tab do?

4. How to Model a Simple House in Maya
This video demonstrates the creation of a very simple 3D house using a combinations of tools. (8 mins)

5. How to Model a USB Stick in Maya
This video demonstrates the creation of a slightly more complex object, a USB stick. (21 mins).

For more on basic modeling with Michael Davies, see this blog post.

NURBS Modeling in Maya
Introduction to NURBS modeling tools with Michael Davies 

Specialist Modeling Techniques

Introduction to specialist modeling tools with Michael Davies. Learn how to model using image planes, and carry out Boolean operations.  

Modeling with Image Planes
Learn how to model using image planes in Maya with Michael Davies.
Create accurate 3D models by matching your reference (10 Minutes). 

Introduction to Mudbox with Michael Davies 

For more on 3D Modelling with Mudbox, read this blog post.


Introduction to ZBrush
Introduction to ZBrush with Michael Davies

For more on Modeling in ZBrush with Michael Davies, see this blog post.

Sculpting in ZBrush
Sculpting in ZBrush with Jonathan McFall

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