Best Leviathan Axe Grip Upgrades in God of War Ragnarok


Much like God of War (2018), God of War Ragnarok has multiple Leviathan Axe grip upgrades that increase your stats and add a specific bonus. With so many options, it is hard to determine which Leviathan Axe grips are the best to craft, equip, and upgrade. Here are the best Leviathan Axe grips in God of War Ragnarok.

Best Leviathan Axe Grip Upgrades in God of War Ragnarok

There are a lot of grips to choose from and no matter if you get them at the beginning of the game or at the end, at level nine, every Leviathan Axe grip is great. The best leviathan axe grip upgrades are Grip of the Fallen Alchemist, Grip of Radiant Reflection, and Stonecutter’s Knob.

Grip of the Fallen Alchemist is great because it provides the best boost to vitality and luck. It also has the Serpent’s Health Burst which grants you a high chance to get a health burst when using the Leviathan Axe heavy attack.

Grip of Radiant Reflection is a great grip for ranged players. While boosting cooldown, runic, and strength, you’ll get the Precision Momentum perk that grants Permafrost on successful ranged attacks.

Lastly, Stonecutter’s Knob is great for boosting strength and defense. Also, you’ll get Slicing Finish which will add a concussive wave at the end of your light attack combo.

To upgrade your Leviathan Axe grips, you’ll need resources like Rawhide, Stonewood, and Hardened Remnants. To get upgrade material, look for Legendary Chests and complete Favors.

How to Get Leviathan Axe Grip Upgrades in God of War Ragnarok

To get Leviathan Axe grip upgrades in God of War Ragnarok, be sure to search Legendary Red or Gold Chests. Like heavy runic attacks, you’ll unlock more Leviathan Axe grips as you progress through the Path and the Favors. Before you know it, you’ll have the best Levithan Axe upgrades in the game.

God of War Ragnarok is available now on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

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