Com2uS and mobile RPG Dear Ella invite you to reclaim what’s yours

Com2uS and mobile RPG Dear Ella invite you to reclaim what’s yours

Com2uS Holdings is ready to once again make its mark on the mobile games scene as it launches new mobile RPG Dear Ella, which, as any good role-playing game should, features a grand adventure as you battle foes to save the day.

Since the Dear Ella release date is here, it’s only right to take a deeper look at what you can expect from the game. First of all, it takes place in the Esperansa Kingdom, as Princess Ella must gather her forces to yeet the usurper off her father’s throne. But wait, it’s not just any random guy, it’s her own uncle, who successfully murders the girl and her father, though a magical pendant brings Ella back from the grave.

In order to reclaim what’s rightfully hers, Ella must recruit some powerful allies and journey across the land as she battles her uncle's forces. Naturally, there are all sorts of content to sink your teeth into, such as dungeons, mines, an ancient temple, and even an arena for those that can’t resist a bit of competitive PvP action.

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