Cyber Monday: Buy a 2TB Lifetime Plan for $399 and Get a Free pCloud Crypto Folder

In a world of ever greater file sizes and ever more numerous pictures, videos, and other digital bric-a-brac, cloud storage is essential. 

There are tons of cloud storage options, but pCloud outshines them all, thanks to its military-grade client-side encryption, innovative products, intuitive interface, and generous pricing.

And that generosity is in full evidence for Cyber Monday, when you can pick up a bundle consisting of a 2TB Lifetime subscription and a Crypto Folder with zero-knowledge encryption at 76% off. 

In cash terms, that’s a saving of $1,315, leaving you just $400 to pay for an absolutely massive amount of impenetrably secure cloud storage for the rest of your natural life. 

That’s a pretty sweet deal considering a Lifetime Crypto Plan alone is $575. Here you’re getting it free of charge. 

pCloud’s Lifetime plans have been popular since the day they launched. pCloud is a Dropbox-busting pioneer in the cloud storage sector, with a rapidly growing user base of 16 million, thanks in no small part to its Lifetime plans.

It’s not hard to see why. We’re living through turbulent times, with prices rising relentlessly in the wake of political and economic uncertainty. Investing today in a service that’s likely to get more expensive tomorrow is pretty much a no-brainer. 

Plus, with a Lifetime plan you’ll get all of the future updates, service improvements, and new features as they come along, totally free of charge.

Security is another of pCloud’s unique selling points. pCloud can genuinely argue that its Crypto Folder is unhackable, having previously put up a prize of $100,000 for the first hacker able to break in. Hundreds of thousands tried. None succeeded. 

And because your pCloud Crypto Folder uses client-side encryption, not even the company’s employees can see what you’re storing. 

pCloud also boasts some of the best customer support in the business. In fact, by our reckoning it’s the only cloud storage service to offer a 24/7 service. And not just with a crude AI chat bot or a boilerplate email reply. 

Instead, pCloud has a staff of highly trained professionals on hand at all times to deal with queries in a timely manner. Just like the good old days. 

pCloud attributes some of its success to the fact that it has built a forward-thinking community with its users. 

Innovative communication channels allow pCloud to take on feedback and respond to customer needs in a way that reliably exceeds expectations, both in terms of speed or response and quality of service.

The company’s latest product, pCloud Pass, is one of the fruits of this customer-centric approach. 

pCloud Pass is a truly encrypted Password Manager, using pCloud’s industry-leading encryption to create a convenient, intuitive, and utterly unbreakable repository for your countless online passwords. 

While pCloud Pass was a relatively unexpected release, pCloud likes to keep its users abreast of everything that’s currently in the pipeline through a handy Public Roadmap. This lets you not only see what’s coming, but have your say on what it should be like. 

Whatever you plan to use it for – work, hobbies, storing your digital artworks, launching your music career, etc – pCloud is just a very reliable service with the highest standards of cyber security on earth. 

If you need further reassurance on that point, the company is based in Switzerland, making it subject to some of the toughest data protection laws around. 

Not only that, but pCloud boasts a whole range of other features like customizable share links with password protection and editorial privilege; a virtual pCloud drive that works seamlessly with any OS; third-party backup; and automatic uploads from mobile devices.

Plus, there are no speed or size limits, so you can upload anything you like as fast as you like.

To get started, head to the pCloud site right now and check out their incredible Cyber Monday deal. 

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