eFootball 2023 Guide: Nominating Contracts and Chance Deals explained

From amongst the Player Packs that have rolled out in updates, eFootball 2023, fans must have noticed that some of them need Nominating Contracts for signing. Since it is one of the in-game assets that have been newly added this Season, not many are clear about the concept of Nominating Contract. Additionally, users must have heard of a new in-game item coined Chance Deals, by now. This Nominating Contracts and Chance Deals guide is a detailed breakdown of the New Player Signing System in eFootball 2023. First things first, let us understand what Nominating Contracts are.

Nominating Contracts in eFootball 2023

Nominating Contracts are an in-game asset that allows users to sign a random player from a list of players that have been lined up for this deal. Simply putting, Nominating Contracts are nothing but Special Player Packs that consist of certain players belonging to the same star rating.

You can pick any player of your choice from these Special Packs, depending upon the number and type of Nominating Contract Tickets that you have. Now that we are clear about Nominating Contracts, let us dive deep into the types of nominating contracts.

Types of Nominating Contracts

There are 4 types of Nominating Contracts corresponding to the number of stars that Players hold. They are:

  • 2-Star Nominating Contract– Can be used to sign a Player that is 2-Star or below.
  • 3-Star Nominating Contract- Can be used to sign a Player that is 3-Star or below.
  • 4-Star Nominating Contract- Can be used to sign a Player that is 4-Star or below.
  • 5-Star Nominating Contract- Can be used to sign a Player that is 5-Star or below.
Nominating ContractsImage via KONAMI

Players must note that Nominating Contracts expire after 60 days from the day you redeem them from the inbox. So, make sure to utilize them for getting your favorite player before they expire. Let us now look at the ways to earn Nominating Contracts in eFootball 2023.

How to get Nominating Contracts in eFootball 2023

The answer to this is very simple: By participating in in-game Campaigns. You can earn Nominating Contracts for free by completing certain objectives that have been listed in the Objectives section. These objectives can be completed only by playing in-game Tour Events, Challenge Campaigns, and e-Football League Matches.

1. Playing Tour Events

Recently, the game is running a special campaign till the 6th of July wherein, users will receive a 5-Star Nominating Contract Ticket for free if they play 5 Tour Event Matches (at any difficult level). Right now, 3 Tour Events are running in the game. You need to enter any one of these Tour Events and play 5 games to claim the 5-Star Nominating Contract.

tour events eFootball 2022 Nominating ContractsImage via KONAMI

Additionally, you will receive a 2-star Nominating Contract when you complete your first-ever Tour Event Game. You will also be gifted with two 5-star Nominating Contracts for the first 5 goals that you score in Tour Events. To play Tour Event Games, players must:

  • Head to Dream Team from the in-game home screen.
  • Under Dream Team, there are three sections, Events, eFootball League, and Online Quick Match. Players must navigate to the Events section to view all the Offline Tour Events running at that moment.
tour eventImage via KONAMI

 As of now, you can only earn only three 5-star Nominating Contracts from Events, but it is expected that the Developers will add more in-game campaigns shortly that can earn us 4 and 5-star Nominating Contracts. The Tour events running right now are:

  • Starter Event.
  • FC Bayern Munchen Event.
  • National Teams Event.
2. Participating in eFootball League

Playing your first ever eFootball League game each week earns you a 3-star Nominating Contract. That is, you can earn a 3-star Nominating Contract each week by just playing one eFootball League game.

eFootball League eFootball 2022 Nominating ContractsImage via KONAMI

Additionally, as a part of the Special Campaign, you can earn another 3-star Nominating Contract if you play 5 eFootball League games during this period. To play an eFootball League game, players must navigate to the eFootball League under Dream Team.

3. Competing in challenge event matches

Challenge Events are Special Weekly Events that challenge players to go against other users Online. Users can find Challenge Events by navigating to the Events section under Dream Team. There are 3 challenge sets:

  • Aim for 1+ Points.
  • Aim for 3+ Points.
  • Aim for 5+ Points.

A Draw Result accounts for 1 point and a Win result accounts for 3 points. You are given 3 games to complete each Challenge set. The same set of challenges rolls in and out of the game every week. Now, coming back to Nominating Contracts, you can earn a 4-Star Nominating Contract when you play your first ever Challenge Event Game (irrespective of the result).

Challenge Event MatchesImage via KONAMI

Additionally, as a part of the Special Campaign running now, users can claim another 4-Star Nominating Contract after completing their 5th Challenge Event Game( results of those games do not matter). To sum it up, the 3-fives that players need to follow right now to claim all the Nominating Contracts which are available to collect are:

  • Play 5 Tour Event Games(They might choose any one of the Tour Events running now).
  • Play 5 eFootball League matches.
  • Play 5 Challenge Event Matches.
How to use Nominating Contracts in eFootball 2023

Now that we know about Nominating Contracts and the various ways to earn them, the immediate question that should arise is, where should we use them? Well to use Nominating Contracts, first, you need to claim them. For that:

  • Head to the Objectives Section from the in-game Home Screen.
  • You will find 2 sections under Objectives and Premium Objectives. Navigate to the former section.
  • You will find 3 sub-sections next: Regular Objectives, Career Objectives, and Weekly Objectives. Go to Regular Objectives.
  • Finally, tap on Claim all to receive all the Nominating Contracts and other in-game items that are pending to collect.

You can now redeem players from Nominating Contract Packs. To do so,

  • Go back to the in-game home screen and head to the Contracts section.
  • You will find 3 sub-sections under Contracts: Special Player List, Standard Player List, and Manager list. Visit the first sub-section.
 use Nominating Contracts eFootball 2022 Nominating ContractsImage via KONAMI

Under the Special Player List, you will be having different types of Player Packs. On the Pack Label itself, it would be mentioned if the Pack falls under Nominating Contracts. You can just tap on that pack, view the players featured in the pack, and redeem the player of your choice, provided you have a Nominating Contract of the same/higher star rating as that player. Currently, there are 3 Nominating Contract Packs:

  • POTW National Jun 16 ’22.
  • European Club Championship.
  • European Masters Club.
  • J.League Division 1 May’22.
Chance Deals in eFootball 2023

Chance Deal is an in-game item that allows users to sign a random player card, from the list of players lined up for the Chance Deal Pack. Simply put, you get one free attempt to sign a player from a Special Player Pack or a Partner Club Pack if you own a Chance Deal for that pack. Apart from Legendary and Featured Packs, the Standard Player Packs that have appeared as Chance Deals this season include:

  • AS Roma.
  • FC Bayern Munchen.

Users have had the opportunity to sign a random Standard Player Card that currently features in these clubs. Usually, the game rolls out these Standard Player Chance Deals to celebrate the success or special days of their Partner Clubs. Though the AS Roma Chance Deal pack has expired, the FC Bayern Munchen Chance Deal is still there to claim and we will discuss how to claim the same, in the next section.

How to get a Chance Deal in eFootball 2023

Usually, Legendary and Featured Chance Deals can be claimed for free. You just need to log in and claim that from the Inbox. For Club packs, if the game gives you a Chance Deal, you need to earn it by taking part in special campaigns concerning that club. To do so:

  • Head to the Dream Team Section.
  • Go to Events Next. You will find a special Tour Event dedicated particularly to that club(in this scenario, Bayern Munich).
  • You need to take part in that event and field your 11 against a full-strength AI-controlled Bayern Munchen squad. Scoring 250 Points in this Special Event gifts you with a Chance Deal. You need to play a maximum of 2-3 games to grab that Deal.
Chance DealImage via KONAMI

 Once you have earned the Chance Deal, you need to claim that from the Inbox. To sign the player:

  • Go to the Contract Section.
  • Navigate to the Special Player List.
  • If it’s a Legendary Pack Chance Deal, you just need to tap on the Free option present on the Legendary Pack Label.
  • If it’s a Club Pack Chance Deal, you will find that a special box dedicated to the concerned club has been added along with the other Player Boxes. Just as it was in the previous scenario, you can sign a player from that box randomly by tapping on the Free option present on the Pack Label.
Chance Deal eFootball 2022 Nominating ContractsImage via KONAMI

Note: Once you have signed a Standard Player using Free Chance Deal, the Standard Player/Club Pack will no longer be present in the Special Player List.    

Final Thoughts

Here’s a bonus tip for all users. By now, you know that you need to play 5 Tour Event matches to earn a 5-star Nominating Contract and you can play any of the three Tour Events available. In life, we need to go for the option which saves time and is multi-purpose.

Hence, we suggest you select the F.C. Bayern Munchen Tour for playing all 5 matches. It would not only get you the 5-star Nominating Contract, but also the FC Bayern Munchen Chance Deal Pack, which you should not miss out on either. If you have any confusion regarding Nominating Contracts and Chance Deals, you can always fall back on this guide for quick assistance.

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Did you find our guide on Nominating Contracts and Chance Deals in eFootball 2023 useful? Let us know in the comments below.

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