Embark on an open-world dress-up adventure in Infinity Nikki

Embark on an open-world dress-up adventure in Infinity Nikki

Fashion-forward Nikki has long been flaunting her style across a variety of titles, including Shining Nikki, Miracle Nikki, and Nikki UP2U World Traveller, but has yet to venture out beyond iOS and Android. Well, she’s about to embark on her biggest journey yet, as Papergames has announced Infinity Nikki, a cross-platform open-world dress-up adventure game.

You read that right - this upcoming entry into the popular Nikki series sees you join her and her adorable kitty Momo in a vast fantasy world of Miraland, exploring a wide array of stunning environments.

Each of the gorgeous outfits you don imbue you with unique powers to help you traverse this fresh world, from floating on dandelion clocks to shrinking down and riding around on Momo’s head. And, better yet, come the Infinity Nikki release date, the game will be available on a variety of platforms, including Android, iOS, PS4, PS5, and PC.

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