Five Underrated Soccer Games

Five Underrated Soccer Games

Soccer may be the most popular sport in the world and a massive seller and draw in video game history- but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a huge list of Futbol games that have been forgotten or lost in the shuffle. Old School Gamer knows this all too well and shares five soccer games you definitely need to pick up and enjoy.

VR Soccer: This was a forgotten gem on the PlayStation, totally ahead of its time in terms of graphics and AI.

FIFA Soccer 97: This was arguably the first great soccer game EA made on the PlayStation, boasting solid visuals and great commentary.

Redcard 20-03: Of all of Midway’s extreme sports games, this may be the most underrated, but was a blast.

International Superstar Soccer 98: Even with fake player names (at least in the US), this was a damn good soccer game and is still playable today.

World Tour Soccer: This game was super accessible on the PSP and easily one of the console’s best sports games.

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