How To Get Gible In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet (The Easy Way)

how to get gible in pokemon scarlet violet

Gible is a very wanted Pokemon as it eventually evolves into one of the best Dragon type Pokemon in the game.

The only problem is that Gible and its evolution Gabite are hidden in small parts of the map, typically underground, causing confusion to many players when its visible on the map.

So, to help with that confusion, here’s how to get Gible in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

Where To Catch Gible In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
gible location pokemon scarlet violet

To easiest way to catch Gible in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is by visiting the large cave system just north of Alfornada, lots of Gible’s spawn there.

You will need the extra high jump perk for Miraidon/Koraidon to visit this part of the map, you can obtain this by defeating two Titans.

It’s likely you will find a Gabite before you see Gible as they technically spawn together, but they are roaming in most places within the cave, just keep an eye out for a small land shark running around.

gible battle pokemon scarlet

The best way to catch it quickly is by using an Ultra Ball as Gible spawns at around Level 40, making Great Balls less effective.

Doing a bit of damage to it and getting its health in the orange will also help.

How To Evolve Gible In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Gible evolved into Gabite at level 24. So if you do catch a high level Gible, levelling it once will get you a Gabite.

If you need more help with Pokemon, or want extra items, be sure to keep an eye on mystery gift codes in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

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