Mobile game Marvel Snap update makes Wolfsbane even wilder

Mobile game Marvel Snap update makes Wolfsbane even wilder

The first post-launch Marvel Snap update is here, and while it isn’t going to turn the game on its head, there are a few important changes to some mechanics and cards. Most noteworthy is a buff to Wolfsbane that allows her to register unplayed cards in a location for an extra boost, giving on reveal effect decks yet another quiver to their bow.

Wolfsbane isn’t the only hero affected by the Marvel Snap update though, with Dagger getting a similar buff to further boost her power points from unplayed enemy cards. Besides that, the only card change of note is that Nick Fury is now possible to add to the hand with the effect of Agent 13 or the X-Mansion location effect, with his game-changing boon able to add three six-cost cards to your hand in a late-game position.

Some locations have also seen a slight change in the latest Marvel Snap update, with The Nexus, Sewer System, Muir Island, and more getting fresh sound effects. There’s also a few quality-of-life updates for the PC beta, with more attention going towards improving that experience now that the mobile version is up and running.

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