Music Video Created Entirely in Watercolour Paint – Never Gonna Be Alone – Released

Creative collective Bare Golly Films are pleased to announce the release of the music video to accompany five time Grammy-winning artist Jacob Collier’s latest single ‘Never Gonna Be Alone’ (feat. Lizzy McAlpine & John Mayer), the first single since the award-winning album Djesse Vol. 3.

‘Never Gonna Be Alone’ comprises a short film that explores the thematic nuances of the song, journeying through layers of love, loss and longing painstakingly realised in vibrant, hand-crafted, watercolour animation.

Utilising over 1200 individual paintings, complex in detail and colour, the music video features four extended continuous sequences of fluid frame-by-frame animation. It was created over 2 months by a team of nine, all working remotely.

It’s the second piece for Jacob Collier by Shan Christopher Ogilvie and Ewa Smyk. The duo previously directed a lyric video for the same song, also created in watercolour paint, and featuring the bird characters who now appear in the main narrative.


Video Produced by Bare Golly Films
Video Directed by Shan Christopher Ogilvie & Ewa Smyk
Video Edited by Shan Christopher Ogilvie
Painted by Ewa Smyk, Haemin Ko, Thrish Sumanasekera, Iza Barszcz
Design by Ewa Smyk, Milda Kargaudaitė, Haemin Ko
2D Animation Lead: Richard Smithson
2D Animation: Iza Barszcz, Milda Kargaudaitė, Solomon Triffitt
Compositing Assistant: Ross Stringer

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