Mutant Year Zero Miniatures Game Launches on Kickstarter

Mutant Year Zero Miniatures Game Launches on

A new miniatures skirmish game based on the popular Mutant: Year Zero game has launched on Kickstarter. Earlier this week, Free League Publishing launched the Kickstarter for Mutant: Year Zero - Zone Wars, a new miniatures skirmish game featuring factions from Mutant: Year Zero. The core boxed set comes with two factions - the Ark Mutants and the Genlab Tribe. A Robots & Psionics Expansion adds two additional factions - the Mechatron Hive and the Nova Cult. The new game is fully compatible with the Mutant: Year Zero tabletop RPG, so players can use their RPG character in the skirmishes, or spin off the skirmishes into a full-blown tabletop campaign.

Mutant: Year Zero is a continuation of the long-running Mutant tabletop RPG franchise, which originally launched back in 1984. Originally published in Sweden, the franchise was periodically translated into English but only really took off outside of Sweden with the launch of Mutant: Year Zero and the Mutant: Year Zero - Road to Eden game back in 2018. The games focus on a post-apocalyptic world populated by anthropomorphic animals, robots, and psionically powered humans, with Year Zero focusing on the rise of the various factions of mutants and the struggle to survive in a post-apocalyptic world.

As of press time, the Kickstarter has raised over $87,000, which exceeds its initial funding goal. Backers will receive a copy of the Core Set for Mutant: Year Zero - Zone Wars with a $55 pledge or receive both the core set and the expansion with a $91 pledge. The Kickstarter will remain open through November 22nd.


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