Next 5 Expected Devices To Release or Enter Pre-Order

Next 5 Expected Devices To Release or Enter
 Still A Long Way To Go In November With Game Handhelds...

We are almost halfway through November, but there's a pretty good chance there's still 5 devices or more that "could" drop this month. I'm not sure how long the market will support so many back to back to back game handheld launches but for now,  the lightning pace in the handheld market doesn't seem to be losing any momentum.  It does sadden me that most of the upcoming options in the near future are straight Android devices (I'm a big Linux fan), but it is what it is. 

Out of these 5 upcoming devices,  I'm very likely to test out the Retro Pixel Pocket and possibly the RG505. For now,  I'm skipping the others. There are so many devices releasing these days, there's no time to dive deep into all of them...

Retroid Pocket 3 Plus 
Retroid Pocket 3 Plus

The Retroid Pocket 3 Plus (Android) is still in pre-order phase at for $149 + Shipping/Taxes. The original RP3 launched only about 90 days ago and at this point, there's literally no point in buying a RP3 over the RP3+.  Shipping is reportedly set to start mid-month and could take a while to catch up to demand. There are some things I don't like about the RP3+ launch but it will probably be a good buy for a lot of people. I think I'm holding out for Moorechip's next device. 

Anbernic RG505
Anbernic RG505

Anbernic seems set to launch the RG505 (Android) (Same SoC as the Retroid Pocket 3 Plus) within 2 weeks. They changed to a 5000 mAh battery and it should be a strong competitor of the RP3+ depending on price. My best guess is that the RG505 beats out the RP3+ with battery life, hall sensor thumb-sticks, build quality, probably better d-pad/face buttons and will be easier to get your hands on one in the near future. The RP3+ likely wins with price, software, looks, stacked triggers and bezel aesthetic. Choosing between the two will come down to personal preferences. 

Both will likely see upgrades in 2023 too, so neither will be the top T618 options for long. Anbernic if history says anything is likely to drop some alternative T618 devices (perhaps even a vertical device) within a few months. 

The RG505 is not up for pre-order/order yet,  but should debut on within a couple weeks. [Affiliate Link]


Retro Pixel Pocket
Retro Pixel Pocket Image From RGHANDHELDS.COM Discord Channel

Not a ton is known about the release of Retro Pixel Pocket (Android) from Funnyplaying other than it is currently in mass production and release should be "soon". There's also a chance the device will be offered in a metal shell next year. Price will definitely be under $100 and is an interesting 1:1 aspect screen option that we don't see often. No official release date has been set by Funnyplaying yet, but it sounds Imminent to me... 

I plan to use the Retro Pixel Pocket mostly for GB/GBC & Pico-8 myself. The company "Funnyplaying" should sound very familiar to anyone in the Game Boy modding scene because it is indeed the same Funnyplaying which increases the likelihood of custom DIY parts becoming available for this handheld! 

GPD Win 4
GPD Win 4

The GPD Win 4 is a device for the gamer with deep pockets (definitely not a budget device) but it's nearly ready to go. Anyone in the market for one might want to see how the AYANEO Slide turns out before making a decision. The Sony PSP-aesthetic device is powerful enough to be a trim Steam Deck alternative but it's definitely not going to be a good $ for $ buy like the SD for most. 

PowKiddy X28 
PowKiddy X28

Finally, the long delayed PowKiddy X28 (Same SoC as the X18S, RG505 & Retroid Pocket 3 Plus) is rumored to be dropping at the end of November. This device could be redemption after the very underwhelming X18S but who knows. I don't trust PowKiddy quality (which is all over the place from release to release), so I'll have to see some reviews before I'd even think about putting my own money down on this one...

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