Splinter Cell Remake Reveals Fresh Concept Art, Ubisoft “Aiming to Create a Top-Tier Remake”

Ubisoft announced in December last year that it had started development on a ground-up remake of the original Splinter Cell using its internal Snowdrop Engine, and while details on the game have been scant since then, nearly a year on from its announcement, a new update on its development has arrived.

As part of a recent video celebrating the classic stealth series’ 20th anniversary, Ubisoft showed off a bunch of new concept art for the upcoming remake, showcasing various scenes and locations that fans of the original title will be very familiar with. Check it out below.

Meanwhile, the remake’s developers also provided brief updates on how production is going, with creative director Chris Auty saying (transcription via VGC): “We’re very early in production. We’re still prototyping. We don’t want to rush anything. We want to make sure that we absolutely nail the game, we actually do everything in the right way, and produce an absolutely stellar-quality experience. And we will be going dark for a little while, so we can focus on making the absolute best game possible.”

Meanwhile, associate level design director Zavian Porter said, “We’re aiming to create this top-tier remake and push quality as much as possible. This should help us set a good foundation for the franchise going forward.”

Recently, a Ubisoft-published job listing revealed that the Splinter Cell remake will have a rewritten and updated story “for a modern-day audience”, while keeping the original title’s “spirit and themes” intact. It was also recently confirmed that the project’s former director, David Grivel, has left Ubisoft after eleven years at the company.

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