The Witcher remake will be a fully open-world game

The Witcher Remake Open-World Enhanced Edition Director's Cut VillageAbout a month ago, CD Projekt RED revealed that Polish studio Fool’s Theory has a remake of the first Witcher installment in development. This remake, which will take advantage of Unreal Engine 5, makes quite a bit of sense considering that The Witcher 3 expanded on the scope of the original game by a huge amount. With this in mind, fans will no doubt want to see what the first Witcher will look like when developed with more modern design sensibilities. While CD Projekt RED has remained silent regarding the details, the developer did let slip in its third-quarter 2022 earnings report that The Witcher remake will adopt an open-world structure. A seemingly major evolution The report did not reveal much beyond this, only stating that the remake will function as a “story-driven, single player open-world RPG – a modern reimagining of 2007’s The Witcher.” Regardless, this tiny morsel of news will undoubtedly excite those familiar with the original Witch...

* This article was originally published here

* This article was originally published here


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