Genshin Impact’s Christina Costello on disabled representation

Genshin Impact’s Christina Costello on disabled representation

As a disabled person who’s had trouble with her health since childhood, gaming has always been an extremely important escape for me. On days when I've been in too much pain to leave my bed, delving into a fantastical world where I can do just about anything is an incredibly freeing feeling. However, there’s one prevailing thing that has always niggled away in the back of my mind - the lack of representation of disability in games.

Of course, disabled characters can seem like a tricky thing to tackle when every person has to be able to take on gigantic mechanical monsters and elemental manifestations - how can someone with a fragile heart, an autoimmune disorder, or joints that dislocate when they lift something heavy expect to run around a large open world, tackling baddies and saving the day? At least, that's how I always felt. Sometimes brushing my teeth seems like too much, so how could I expect to see myself in someone braving the big old world?

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