Hawkeye Spinoff Echo Might Be Hit With Huge Delay on Disney+

Hawkeye Spinoff Echo Might Be Hit With Huge Delay on

At one point, Echo was supposed to debut on Disney+ this coming summer between Secret Invasion and the second season of Loki. Then came word from series showrunner Marion Dayre suggesting the project had been delayed, implying it'd hit the streaming service in late 2023. Now, it looks like the series may be bumped out of 2023 entirely.

Hidden away in a speculative piece from the crew at Murphy's Multiverse, led by insider Charles Murphy, it's said the Alaqua Cox-starring series would debut in "early 2024." No additional time frame or months were revealed although Murphy says it could debut mid-January and wrap by the end of February.

Dayre first revealed the delay on a podcast with Ben Blacker. During the Writers Panel appearance, Dayre said it'd be "probably a year from when this comes out," saying Echo would debut roughly a year from the December release of the podcast episode in question.

In the same podcast appearance, Dayre revealed that while her time on a Marvel show was much different than other stops in Hollywood, she was able to carry some things over she previously learned from working on Better Call Saul.

"You do sort of a general overall break, and then we lay out some arcs, and then we go back in and brick by brick. There just simply was not enough time to do it that way," she added. "So it was sort of grabbing things from, like The Act, which was a limited series on Hulu, which we broke fairly quickly, so taking some of that, you know, laying out some tent poles that we more or less stuck with and shifting them around with the way that we did."


Echo has yet to receive a release date from Disney+ while Daredevil: Born Again is set to hit the service on 2024.

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