How To Catch Koraidon In Pokemon Scarlet (The Easy Way)

The main storylines of Pokemon Scarlet may be complete, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t still plenty to do. And to catch. 

One Pokemon you can add – or should I say, re-add – to your ever growing list is Koraidon. 

Although it’s been your companion since the beginning, it isn’t until the End Game you see it once again transform into its Apex Form (aka its Battle Form). 

Despite this now meaning you can battle with Koraidon, there’s a slight catch: you’ll lose your ride. Unfortunately, if Koraidon joins your Party it’s no longer available as your mount, though you can change it back to its Ride Form if you want. 

But that’s incredibly cumbersome. Wouldn’t it just be easier to catch another Koraidon? 

Where To Catch Koraidon In Pokemon Scarlet

To catch a wild Koraidon you need to head back to Area Zero and travel to the very bottom of the crater. Once there, look for a ramp that leads you straight to Koraidon. 

Is this the Guardian of Paradise we beat before? I’m pretty sure it is, especially given the moves it knows, though it’s never confirmed. 

This wild Koraidon is Level 72, meaning it’s a considerable opponent to battle. Also worth noting is that its Tera Form is Fighting, while your original Koraidon’s Tera Form is Dragon

Another notable difference is the Moves it knows, which consist of:

  • Giga Impact
  • Bulk Up
  • Collision Course
  • Flamethrower

Even though you now have a Master Ball, I’d save it and simply use Ultra Balls instead.

I know a Master Ball is way quicker, and you might not find any other Legendary Pokemon you want to use it on, but it just feels like a waste – I only used 10-15 Ultra Balls before catching Koraidon. 

Can You Breed Koraidon?

No. Koraidon is a Paradox Pokemon, meaning it’s genderless and therefore unable to breed. 

If you played Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon, you’ll remember the Ultra Beasts – this is essentially what Paradox Pokemon are, with an added Pokemon Scarlet & Violet twist. 

Although disappointing, I can’t say I’m surprised. 

If nothing else, you’ll be able to trade your new Koraidon with one of your Pokemon Violet friends in exchange for Miraidon. 

Good luck catching Koraidon! And if you haven’t finished the game yet, and are in need of help, don’t forget my how to reach Area Zero guide. Once there, use my how to beat Professor Sada article to save Paldea from impending doom! 

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