Miko Era: Twelve Myths Beginners Guide and Tips

Miko Era: Twelve Myths is one of the recently launched RPG games that has come into play on both Android and iOS. The game follows up with an interesting storyline where players have to select their character at the beginning and then climb through the hurdles of the Miko World and complete the storyline. The main motto of the players is that they have to train the Twelve myths which represent twelve different zodiacs and make them more powerful than before. The game also came up with several new features and thus here is the Beginners Guide for the players so that they will easily get through the game and get familiar with the world of Miko Era: Twelve Myths.

Gameplay Overview

As said, Miko Era: Twelve Myths is an RPG game with an interesting storyline to follow up. The game only has a particular storyline to follow where players at first need to select a character out of the four main characters; namely, Swordsman, Takehime, Lancer, and Archer. Players must choose a character as per their stats and choose the character they desire. After this, players will get to the floor and start off with the storyline.

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The game offers two different modes of play, Automated mode, and Manual mode. In the Automated mode, players don’t have to use the gameplay mechanics much to play the game, the UI will go off on its own. Players just need to upgrade the mounts and pets manually. In the Manual mode, players need to use the gameplay mechanics such as the joystick and the combat switches to play against the enemies. The game also comes up with a bunch of in-game currencies which are useful in several ways that will be discussed later on in the piece.

Introducing the Basics of Miko Era: Twelve Myths

The game offers up many in-game features for the players which are to be known by the players so that they can get access to those sections and make use of the benefits of those in-game features. Let’s see each and every feature of Miko Era: Twelve Myths in our beginners guide.

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Shikigami is the section where platters can get access to all the Mounts, Companions and Wings as well. Players can even upgrade those aspects from the section and even select the best companion or mount for their journey.


The Team section introduces players to the in-game Guild system where players can form a clan or join a clan and help each other to complete the game together.

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The Forge section is the section where players can upgrade the Gears of the character as it helps in increasing the DEF stats a lot more which later helps in the fight scenes.

Server Event

The Server Event comes up with some of the most valuable events and thus by completing them players can win great rewards. The section comes up with three more sub-sections; Acc. Top Up, Rush Lux. Gifts and Word Collection. All of these sections come up with some of the major objectives and thus by completing them players can win many valuable rewards that will help them become stronger.


Quest is the section that shows all the storyline events that must be completed by the players while they play the game. This section is available on the main game screen only and thus helps the players to get easy access to it.

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The dungeon is an in-game arena where players can compete against the storyline villains to get more amazing rewards and help out themselves to upgrade their characters, companions, mounts, and gears. This is not an extra game mode as it includes those same storyline villains with the exact difficulty level which they have while facing off in between the journey.

Other miscellaneous gameplay features
  • Bag: The bag is the section provided to the players in-game so that players can easily check out all the important items they are carrying along with them and thus utilize them properly from there at the right time.
  • Store: This section helps players to get access to some of the well-being and rare resources. Players can buy these resources with the help of in-game currencies or through real-time transactions as well. The game also offers some value packs and Gift Packs for the players as well so that they can get more interested in the in-game features and get more advantages and power at the same time.
  • Benefits: The benefits section provides great gifts and rewards to the players for playing the game and following them on social media handles. The benefits section has a daily check-in reward section where players will get great rewards for straight 30 days if they log into the game daily. The section also provides a redeem code section where players can write down the redeem codes and claim great rewards for themselves.
Mastering the in-game characters

Miko Era: Twelve Myth offers four main characters to choose from for the players. These characters are considered the main and strongest of all in the world of the Miko Era. In this Miko Era: Twelve Myth beginners guide, we will discuss all the in-game characters are hereby as follows:

1. Swordsman
SwordsmanImage via EYOUGAME(USS)

Uzui Shiro, the Swordsman himself is one of the strongest characters with the best attacking and defending powers. This 19-year-old Swordsman is so skilled with his swords that it’s really unimaginable. Uzui has some of the best skill sets namely; Arclight Blade, Shadow Assassin, Tornado, and Aqua Blade Dance.

2. Takehime
TakehimeImage via EYOUGAME(USS)

Kochou Yatsuki, the Takehime resembles this 18-year-old girl who belongs to the Kyuubi tribe and is also known as the “Nine-Tailed Fox”. the tribe members of Kyuubi have the motto to save the Akiba city with all the powers they have and thus here is the little angle from the tribe to do the needful. The main powers of Kochou are Sakura dance, NIne Tailed Sweep, Florence Dance, and Grand Surplus.

3. Lancer
Lancer Miko Era: Twelve Myths Beginners GuideImage via EYOUGAME(USS)

The Magician of Akiba city, Makomo Ichiko is just 20 years old and knows the worth of the twelve main zodiacs which are important for their world. Makomo belongs to a Noble family of Akiba city and thus knows about all the descendants of the zodiacs. As a Lancer, Makimo comes up with a great sense of magic and mystical powers that includes Nuclear Burst, Thunder Flame, Earth Rift, and Furious Wrath.

4. Archer

Kanroji Yuuko, is an 18 years old Archer in the town who has emerged by far from one of the fearful families in Akiba city. As per her upbringing in a fearful family. Power and strength are considered the main thing all around. This girl might be 18, but her skill sets are just insane. The skill sets used by this character are; Icy Lotus, Rotunda Warbler, Erupt Dartle, and Sky Arrowfall.

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The game also offers a set of mounts and companions to the character that helps the players in their journey further. These mounts and companions help a lot in combat skills alongside the main character and thus help them to complete stages and defeat the villains easily. The game by far at the beginning offers Whisperwind soul as the companion and Inugami Moonfire as the pet.

The main character gets upgraded by himself after completion of any stage or chapter, but the companions and pets are required to be upgraded after collecting some required resources; here are the steps to upgrade them:

  • Open the game and tap on the Shikigami option present at the middle bottom of the screen.
  • Select the pet or companion you want to upgrade and then tap on the “Auto Adv” option and help out your pet or companion to get themselves upgraded.

The character section shows all the detailed stats and information about the main character player has chosen to play with. This section also helps the players to get access to the ultimate stats, skills, resonance, and all other aspects of the character. Players can even make a few changes in those aspects and make their character become more powerful.

Understanding the in-game Currency and Resources

Miko Era: Twelve Myths comes up with some of the main resources and currencies that are much needed in-game for every player. This list of resources includes:

  • Coin: Coins help in Enhancing or upgrading the Forges, pets, and companions in the game. It is one of the most basic in-game currencies that is available on a larger scale.
  • B. Jade: B. Jade is an important resource that helps in enhancing and upgrading various aspects of the game and also helps the players to buy more resources such as Perf. Misshi and Soul Gem from the store.
  • Jade: Jade is another important resource found in-game. Its specifications are all similar to that of B. Jade but in comparison, B. Jade is more powerful than Jade.
  • Parade: The parade is an in-game resource that is mainly used to buy some of the required resources from the store. The list of resources includes; B/ Jade, Omamori EXP gem, and a lot more itineraries like this.
  • Mitama EXP: These EXP points help in upgrading the main character and let him/her increase their HP points at a much higher rate.
currency detailsImage via EYOUGAME(USS)
  • Perf. Misshi: Perf. Misshi helps the players to cultivate more Omamori EXP points. This resource also helps in increasing 300 EXP points for the player’s profile.
  • Perf. Featherstone: Perf. Featherstone helps the players to upgrade the Wings of the character. It also increases 300 EXPs for the player’s profile at every single use.
  • Evo Gem: Evo Gem is the most vital resource that is mainly used to upgrade the Mounts. They help in increasing the EXP by 10 points with the use of a single Evo Gem.
  • Soul Gem: Soul Gem is mainly used in upgrading the Yurei ( also known as the companions of the game ). It helps in increasing 10 EXP points of the player’s profile after every single use.
  • 4 ATK Gem: This gem helps in increasing 1000 ATK points and 160 SMH points for the main character.
  • 4 DEF Gem: This gem helps in increasing 20000 HP and 160 DEF points for the main character.
Miko Era: Twelve Myths Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Thus after playing the game and experiencing the beautiful world of Miko Era: Twelve Myths, here are the best 5 tips for Beginners:

1. Keep Upgrading your Companions, Mounts, and Gears

Players should always upgrade their companions, mounts, and gear soon after they get the required resources. This will help the players a lot in the defensive approach while they fight against big villains and thus can easily defeat them.

2. Complete all the Quest events

Players must go for all the quest events as those are the main storyline events and thus by completing them players will get rewarded with huge rewards and resources that will help them grow stronger.

3. Keep checking for the Server Events

Always check out the server event sections as that area comes up with fascinating objectives every time. By completing them players can easily win great rewards and resources and help themselves upgrade the important aspects present in-game.

4. Utilize the Resources properly to upgrade your Profile

Players must use their Soul gems, Evo gems, and other resources like mitama EXP properly so that they get a proper amount of EXPs for their player profile and level up themselves. Leveling up the profile will help players to get access to more in-game features and thus the gaming experience will enhance a lot more.

5. Select the best Companion and Mounts for your team

Check for the stats of the companions and mounts you choose, this will always help you build up a strong team that will actually help you in your time of need. The stronger the companion you take, the better the support will be expected from them. Thus choose the best support system always.


Miko Era: Twelve Myths is one of the finest RPG games that has recently come into play. The game has so many features itself and thus helps to keep up the enthusiasm among the players. The game offers 4 main characters to choose from at the beginning of the game along with some interesting companions and mounts who will accompany them during the journey. Don’t hesitate to give it a try and never forget to refer to this Miko Era: Twelve Myths Immortal beginners guide for advice if you run into problems.

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That’s all for today’s Miko Era: Twelve Myths Beginners Guide. Did you find this Miko Era: Twelve Myths beginners guide useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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