New Anbernic Mini Photos (Close Up) From Baidu [RG3XX]

New Anbernic Mini Photos (Close Up) From Baidu

 Some new "Anbernic Mini" aka RG3XX photos appeared on Baidu. Credit to khz90 on Discord for posting them there! 

There's no word yet on exactly when this Anbernic device will release, but given how many photos 'maxzhou88' (Max Zhou is the chief behind Anbernic's designs) is putting out there,  I'd have to assume it will be soon. 

The device obviously has 3 shell options which include clear, translucent retro Purple and a classic Game Boy DMG color.  The Anbernic Mini is roughly the size of the old RG300. While this will compete with the Miyoo Mini to a degree,  the RG3XX is considerably larger!

There's still a lot to be known about this upcoming device,  but it certainly looks interesting! 

Anbernic Mini

Anbernic RG3XX

Anbernic Mini Clear

Anbernic Handhelds

Additional photos posted by @yoshivesmovie on Twitter:  (Click To Enlarge)

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