Paragon: The Overprime Builds

Paragon: The Overprime Builds

Looking for the latest Paragon: The Overprime builds? Then you’re in the right place! We’ve compiled an ever-updating guide, showing you go-to recommendations. Like we said, we’ll keep the guide updated as more builds are discovered, so make sure you bookmark the page and return regularly!

Paragon: The Overprime is a third person action MOBA that plays out similarly to League of Legends. What sets Paragon apart from LOL and other MOBAs is the third person, over-the-shoulder style gameplay. This is perfect for you if you’ve never been able to invest yourself in traditional MOBA’s that have put you off with the birds-eye-view gameplay!

Want more Paragon: The Overprime? Check out our Paragon: The Overprime tier list, Paragon: The Overprime characters list, and Paragon: The Overprime item list. For more information about the game, check out the game’s official website.

Paragon: The Overprime Builds

We’ll now move onto our builds. We’ve split them up into the different classes, and then into the separate characters.


Here we’ll list our support builds…

Eira & Cynthia

You can use this build for both Eira and Cynthia. They’ll play your classic support and hang back whilst boosting the team!

Starting items
  • Dekima Gemstone of Abundance I
Key items
  • Miter of the Sacred High Priest
  • Deus Ex Machina/Chain of Unity (Alternative)
  • Marching Melody
  • Ice Spirit Gloves
  • Jungle of the Battlefield

Scott, while still being a support, play a little differently. He’s tanky, so he won’t want to hang back during a game, which is why his build is different…

Starting Items
  • Dekima Gemstone of Abundance I
Key Items
  • Miter of the Sacred High Priest
  • Cloak of Etanus Swamp
Useful Items
  • Officer’s High End Armour
  • Chain of Unity
Paragon: The Overprime Builds FAQ

We’ll move onto some questions you might have thought up whilst reading our builds…

What Is A Build Guide?

A build guide is an article that teaches and recommends you certain builds for specific characters/playstyles. This way, you can spend less time experimenting with different items, and more time playing the game and having fun!

How Did We Pick Our Paragon: The Overprime Builds?

We used a combination of the following factors when deciding on our Paragon: The Overprime builds guide:

  • Personal experience
  • Community feedback
  • General consensus from other tier lists

However, it’s worth noting that builds guides are subjective by nature. This is based on our experience with the game, but yours may vary. So, we recommend that you take this with a pinch of salt and play the game for yourself.

How Often Do We Update Our Paragon: The Overprime Build Guide?

We update this builds list regularly to ensure that it always follows the latest meta. Typically, you can expect an update around the following happenings:

  • A new character releases
  • Balance changes
  • New builds are discovered

There may be a small delay between the above three events as we’ll return to the game to check out the new character for ourselves, or to see how the balance patches have affected things.

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