Roblox Gas Station Simulator Codes (December 2022)

On this page you can find every Roblox Gas Station simulator code. Our list contains the latest active codes for this popular Roblox experience. Redeem these codes and claim tons of in-game goodies. Read more below!

About The Game

There is a single gas station located between the states of California and Nevada. Do you think you have what it takes to manage a gas station in the middle of this lawless desert, where no one else has the guts to go? Participate in this thrilling new combination of simulator and roleplaying game with as many as fourteen of your closest friends. Help keep the company running well as you receive your income by working your way up the ranks to become a Clerk, Janitor, Refueler, or even Manager. Invest the money you earn in upgrades so that you may increase the amount of money you can make and the amount of time you save on your job. What are the worst-case scenarios that may occur?

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