The Wednesday One 12/14/22

The Wednesday One 12/14/22


Welcome to the night before Wednesday One! 12/14/22

Just like that we’re back. There is some action this week, let’s take a look.


Batman Incorporated #3 1:50


“1st full Phantom-One” has this one heating up. Seems to be hard to find with few sales and only one I see listed is an auction. I think it gets over ratio+ by fri. Easy grab at half ratio. I don’t like DC spec so I wouldn’t go much over that. I’m usually on the reserved side though.

Star Wars The Mandalorian #6 1:50


Yes, Please. This cover is cool and I’m a Rahzzah fan. I want this slabbed. Selling from $50 to over $100 means who knows. I would grab for ratio or less, but I dig this. I think it hits hot10 at $75-100 and lives around that $50-75 mark long term. I like it more than it is objectively good if that makes sense. Rose colored glasses as it were.

Cool Covers

Batman Spawn #1

Gabriele Dell Otto

I’m an Otto homer so this works for me.

Lord Of The Jungle #2

Robert Hack

I do like a good Hack pulp style cover.





Happy Horror Days #1

Robert Hack

I love this cover. Just amazing.

Read it

Art Brut #1

W. Maxwell Prince

Reprint and slight remastering. I never read the original so I’m down to check it out.

Assassins Apprentice I #1

Jody Houser Robin Hobb

I donno, I’m not familiar with the IP, but apparently it does well.

Bone Orchard Mythos Ten Thousand Black Feathers #4

Jeff Lemire

I look forward to reading this everytime. They are a great writer/artist combo.

Ice Cream Man #33

W. Maxwell Prince

Prince is one of the best writers working right now.

Night Club (2022) #1

Mark Millar

$2, but I hear that’s what it is worth.

Star Wars Bounty Hunters #29

Ethan Sacks

Jango’s final moments cover is cool.

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