Valve to Giveaway Free Steam Decks Every Minute at The Game Awards

Valve to Giveaway Free Steam Decks Every Minute at The Game

The Game Awards might just be the best award ceremony to take place this year with Valve giving away free Steam Decks every minute through the entire duration of the event, scheduled to take place on 8th December at the Microsoft Theatre in Los Angeles, California.

Valve will be giving away the 512 GB variant of the Steam Deck for free every single minute to a random viewer who is watching the live airing of The Game Awards on Steam. However, in order to be eligible for the giveaway the user should be registered beforehand, while being from the US, Canada, UK or Europe.

Here are the complete details related to the Steam Deck giveaway at The Game Awards.

The Game Awards Announce Nominees for Best Mobile Game 2022Valve will be giving away more than 150 Steam Decks at The Game Awards

In celebration of The Game Awards, Valve has pledged to giveaway one 512 GB Steam Deck during every minute of the live airing to a random viewer who has registered themselves and is watching the event on Steam.

Watch #TheGameAwards live on Steam next Thursday and you could win a FREE Steam Deck!

Valve is giving away a free Steam Deck a MINUTE to a viewer watching the show to celebrate!

More details here on the Steam Deck Drop.

— The Game Awards (@thegameawards) November 30, 2022

Users who belong to US, UK, Canada, or Europe can register themselves by visiting the Steam Store or clicking here. This will enroll them for the giveaway and they can stand a chance to win the product during the live stream of the award ceremony.

Another thing to keep in mind is that, the user should have made a purchase on Steam between 14th November 2021 and 14th November 2022, while not having a limited account.

In addition to this, all users can login to Steam and register to claim the 'Steam Pal' digital sticker, irrespective of any regional boundaries.

Steam Pal Digital Sticker - The Game Awards

The winners will be announced in the live chat on Steam itself, as a random name will be drawn from the pool of registrants every minute. Interested users or those who have already registered can watch The Game Awards by clicking on either of the two links below,

  1. Steam -

  2. Steam -

This giveaway is sure to attract a lot of viewers from across the globe, who will be flocking Steam to watch The Game Awards in a bid to win a Steam Deck. Approximately, more than 150 users could be winning a device, taking into consideration that the award ceremony runs from anywhere between 2.5 to 3 hours.

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