Vampire Survivors characters

Vampire Survivors characters

Vampire Survivors is a simple game at its core. Wander around, hit enemies, and try not to die. But it's the little details that add up to so much more, so while you get to choose the different weapons you equip, one of the most important choices is between the different Vampire Survivors characters, as each has their own perks and weapons for you to get to grips with. 

With so many waves of enemies, with dozens of bats and skeleton ghouls swarming around you at all times, you need to have your whips about you (pun intended). So study up and make sure you’re using the best character for your vibe, and the best option for your preferred weapon load out so you are maximising your damage and truly slaying those hordes of the undead. For even more great undead-slaying content, check out our Vampire Survivors weapons guide and our Vampire Survivors review next.

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