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Welcome to the Metaverse

Alice Fiction is a unique RPG that blends puzzle elements into the game in an addictive way. Developer WonderPlanet, the team behind Crash Fever, yet again takes the addictive aspects of puzzle games like Candy Crush and bakes them into a well-done RPG system. For those who love RPG and puzzle games Alice fiction should be a no brainer. However, something seems amiss in the Metaverse of Alice.

As you log into the Metaverse of Alice for the first time, a mysterious error occurs. You reach the game world or Alice after the error, but you are told that this isn’t your first login. You seem to have lost your memory. A girl who claims to be your younger sister, who is a ‘Lost Avatar” player of the game and who suffers from some identity detachment phenomenon, agrees to accompany you on a journey to find answers.

On said quest to find answers, you meet other avatars, players of Alice and Folklores. Folklore players are AI characters who are summoned by the memories of in-game avatars. As you relearn how the game works; you discover the problems and truth behind the Metaverse of Alice.

Alice Fiction Game Art.

A Beautifully Unique Game

In a world where you have so many gacha games to choose from. More often than not, these games rely on players spending money on loot boxes or summoning characters Alice Fiction chooses the former. In Alice characters are used to make up the player’s party and most of the time there is no reason story-wise. Alice Fiction, however, calls its summons Folklore and provides a good explanation that drives the story forward.

What makes Alice Fiction so unique is the battle system that the game uses. This addictive, speedy puzzle game is simple in its premise; break as many panels as possible in the tableau within the time limit to unleash invigorating chain combos on enemies. Breaking three or more panels at once of the same color allows you to do special attacks. Each panel has a particular color which is tied to the Folklore you have in battle at the time.

At the beginning of your turn, you may use any active skills, which provide extra character boons or effects. Next, the panel phase. Breaking one panel creates a basic attack from the character situated on a given panel. If you tap on a panel that has three panels of the same colors in a row. This triggers a special attack that does more damage. If you match up colors multiple times within the time limit, you can chain combos together making for a satisfying attack. Lastly, your opponent will cause damage to your characters taking their turn. There is skill required in the panel stage because just tapping quickly with no regard to panel color will nerf your characters considerably.

Alice Fiction Gameplay

The Truth of Alice Fiction

While the story is basic and not that special by any means. The world that Alice Fiction presents is well thought out, and the battle system is refreshing. Getting complex combos is the best aspect of the game. Not only because you feel like a genius after nailing combos, but the beautiful anime-like quality of special attack animations is some of the best I’ve seen in mobile gaming. With great Japanese voice acting, and stellar music that makes you feel like you’re at an EDM concert. You would think that Alice Fiction is a no-brainer for gamers who love RPGs and puzzle games.

Unfortunately, the Metaverse is full of connection issues and bugs. There is nothing more frustrating than being on the verge of dispatching your opponent and having the game crash on you due to a connection issue. Developer WonderPlanet is currently working hard to rectify this, If you log in as of now you will be awarded thirty free gacha draws worth of Quartz, Alice Fiction’s in-game currency.

Despite these issues, Alice Fiction is still a solid and fun game. Yes, there is room for improvement and the RPG aspects of the game isn’t anything deep or revolutionary. The fact of the matter is, if you enjoy puzzle games and are looking for something addictive. The Metaverse of Alice is truly worth logging into.

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