Best DS games

Best DS games

It’s hard to believe it now, but back when Nintendo revealed, the company treated it as something of an experiment. Upon being shown on stage, Satoru Iwata described it as a “third pillar” alongside the Game Boy Advance and the Gamecube, pitched as yet another device for gamers, but one with a focus on experimentation and new play experiences. Well thanks to some stellar titles and the novelty of the device, the DS ended up taking over the world.

Everyone and their mum owns a DS, a copy of Brain Age, and are teaching Nintendogs to sit, or helping villagers as Professor Layton. Thanks to its success, the console has a vast library of stellar titles, so if you’re looking to go back and play a few, we’ve whittled it down to present you with a guide to the best DS games. So grab your stylus, and get ready to enjoy twice the fun across twice the screens.

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