eFootball 2023: Playstyle guide for Forwards

eFootball 2023‘s biggest positive is the view of tactics and the new training system, which has come across as a breath of fresh air for longtime fans of the game, which allows them to field a XI with tactical plans and player setups. While players follow this, few often forget that a player’s playstyle in eFootball still plays an important role in making the team adapt to the gameplan, and thus improve the flow of play. So, in this article, we will explain in brief the various eFootball player playstyle of Forwards available with examples and roles they play.

Forwards Playstyle in eFootball 2023

Even though the season update is running in eFootball 2023 carried over from the 2022 season, there hasn’t been any change in the playing style and tactics are concerned. However, we do see a few changes from the PES 2021 version of the game as a couple of playing styles are either renamed or removed.

Players often try to play a perfect game plan to suit their way of play, and for those to get a flexible day with their tactics, players adapt to their play and generally look better. In detail, we will mention all the types of player playing styles in-game, along with the discussion of the style of play in eFootball. There are a total of 22 playstyles from the Striker to the Goalkeeper in eFootball, out of which the Forward playstyles are listed as follows:

Playstyle guide for Forwards in eFootball 2023 Goal Poacher
  • Positions Activated: CF
  • Key Attributes: Offensive Awareness, Finishing
  • Player Examples: Robert Lewandowski, Erling Haaland

A Goal Poacher by definition is a forward with instincts of poaching to forward balls inside the box. These types of playstyle players usually play up top with little contribution to the build-up play, make forwards runs waiting for through or lofted balls and play off the shoulders of the last defender.

eFootball Player Playing Style - Goal PoacherGoal Poacher

Lewandowski and Haaland are great examples of this kind of player. For players who like to play direct passing football with more influence of play from their attacking midfielders and in central areas, a Poacher fits their style of play the best.

Formation Discussion

The 4-2-1-3, 4-3-1-2 formations get the best out of the Goal Poacher up top, when he gets the service from the central attacking mid, or the second striker/ creative forward up top with him. If you prefer a Counter Attacking or Long Ball playstyle, it is best to have a Goal Poacher at CF.

Dummy Runner
  • Positions Activated: CF/SS/AMF
  • Key Attributes: Offensive Awareness
  • Player Examples: Thomas Muller, Timo Werner

Dummy Runners are not often credited in world football, as many fail to understand their roles and judge them by their stats. They are focused on the creation of space in the attacking third, by dragging the defenders out wide, which creates space for the attacking players or the bombing midfielders to exploit and create a goal-scoring action.

eFootball Player Playing Style - Dummy RunnerDummy Runner

Muller is a mastermind in doing this, both in-game and in real life. It becomes more effective when there is a defender man-marking the dummy, and his movement will create a lot of chances.

Formation Discussion

A Dummy Runner can be played in any formation and in any managerial playstyle. However, do play him in central areas, at CF/SS/AMF, as most of them don’t rely on skill or pace.

Fox in the Box
  • Positions Activated: CF
  • Key Attributes: Offensive Awareness, Finishing
  • Player Examples: Romelu Lukaku, Ivan Toney

Smart Movement, Quick One-Twos, Agile, and an eye for goal are the traits of a good Fox in the Box player. Not to be confused with the Goal Poacher, as FITB players make fewer forward runs compared to them, and roam around in the attacking third, sometimes dropping to give a quick pass or two.

eFootball Player Playing Style - Fox in the BoxFox in the Box

Their movement inside the box is brilliant and often find themselves in areas where it is easy to pass to or cut back from the wide area. Even though they aren’t the favorite among the forward playstyle the users prefer in eFootball, they can make a direct impact in any situation.

Formation Discussion

Just like Goal Poachers, FITB works in the central areas of the pitch well, and it is best for those who prefer a build-up Possession tactic and can feed the ball to the penalty area. 4-3-3, 4-1-2-3, 4-3-1-2, 3-4-1-2 are best formations.

Deep-Lying Forward
  • Positions Activated: CF/SS
  • Key Attributes: Ball Control, Low Pass
  • Player Examples: Karim Benzema, Roberto Firmino

Not to be confused with the Target Man playing style, this type of player will like to drop into an attacking midfielder area, where they are given the freedom to look for a forward pass to create plays and then make runs forwards again.

eFootball Player Playing Style - Deep-Lying ForwardDeep-Lying Forward

Benzema has been influential for years with this role, and for this role to be effective, you should play players at CF/SS who has a knack for good passing along with a good ball-on-their-feet ability as well.

Formation Discussion

Any formation suits this kind of playstyle. however, it is preferred to have a Possession Game or Long Ball manager tactics, with more focus on central areas.

Target Man
  • Positions Activated: CF
  • Key Attributes: Physical Contact, Jumping, Heading
  • Player Examples: Oliver Giroud, Luuk De Jong

The playstyle of Target Man is often a discussed topic, as most of the players aren’t exactly sure how they can get the best out of him. They are the strikers who are strong enough to keep the ball in play and hold off defenders until other teammates make a run to the goal. Being physically strong and good in the air makes them threaten more.

eFootball Player Playing Style - Target ManTarget Man

Giroud and De Jong are two Target Man strikers, who are known for their aerial ability along with superior physicality. Not to be confused with the Deep-Lying Playmakers, the Target Man strikers aren’t exactly decisive playmakers, but they are skilled enough to make a difference in that regard.

Formation Discussion

A Target Man works best if he is played with two wingers/wide midfielders alongside on both flanks, so he could benefit from their crosses/provide passes out wide. So any formation among 4-3-3, 4-2-3-1, 4-3-2-1, 3-2-2-3, will work.

Prolific Winger
  • Positions Activated: RWF/LWF
  • Attributes: Speed, Acceleration, Dribbling
  • Player Examples: Son Heung-Min, Leroy Sane

When we talk about the name Prolific, we usually refer to someone who’s a chance creator and is good in front of a goal. The Prolific Winger plays wide and makes himself available to receive passes. This is really important for the player with this playstyle, as more space allows him to move further up, creating more dangerous chances.

eFootball Player Playstyle - Prolific WingerProlific Winger

While they move forward, they’ll exploit space again with pace and dribbling, the most important traits for a Prolific Winger, and look to cut inside. This will allow them to go for a shot or create a chance for a teammate to make a run. Son Heung-Min and Leroy Sane are a couple of examples.

Formation Discussion

Use formations with fixed wingers to activate their playstyle. So 4-3-3, 4-1-2-3, 3-4-3, are the best picks.

Roaming Flank
  • Positions Activated: RWF/LWF/RMF/LMF
  • Key Attributes: Speed, Ball Control
  • Player Examples: Mo Salah, Vinicius Junior

A playstyle close to Prolific Winger, but a Roaming Flank will basically cut inside, to receive passes and move forward. This gets the benefit of getting activated in a wide midfield position too. Players with an eye for creating chances through forward passing are equipped with this player playstyle in eFootball.

eFootball Player Playstyle - Roaming FlankRoaming Flank

During the buildup, Roaming Flanks often drift to the centre unlike Prolific Wingers and make themself available for a pass. So, in simple words, if you want to maintain width throughout the game, Prolific Wingers are the better option, and if you want your wingers/wide midfielders to get involved in the buildup, Roaming Flanks are your best bet.

Formation Discussion

You can be flexible with these players when it comes to formations. Wide formations with supporting wingers/wide midfielders can be used to utilize the best out of these players.

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What are your thoughts on this guide for forwards playstyle in eFootball 2023? Let us know in the comments below.

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