Five of the Best is back for supporters, and today's is Reveals

Five of the Best is back for supporters, and today's is

Back by popular demand...! Okay, that's a lie, but I've long wanted to bring Five of the Best back, and we've been looking for something nice to do for supporters, so the two things fit. Oh and while I'm on the subject: there's going to be a slight shake-up of the supporters programme in the near future (don't worry - it's all good news) so stay tuned for more details. And thanks as ever for your support - it's much appreciated.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, Five of the Best is a series we ran a few years ago which, well, does what you think it does: airs five of the best examples of something from games, according to us. What's important about that is: we want you to have your say, too. There's no way we can catch everything with our five-game-wide net, so get involved. Steam into that comments section like you would a sandwich at lunchtime, and tell us what you think.

You may also note that there's a new addition to the article, too! Five of the Best is new and improved.

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