Hogwarts Legacy Support Studio Now Working With Guerrilla Games

Studio Gobo, which has supported the development of games including Redfall and Hogwarts Legacy, announces its partnered with Guerrilla Games to work on future Horizon projects. Guerrilla Games has taken the success of Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West and run with it, confirming in December 2022 that multiple Horizon projects were currently in development. Horizon appears to have grown beyond what Guerrilla Games can manage, and Studio Gobo is there to make up the difference. Studio Gobo isn't unique in the video game development industry. There are many very successful support studios, each with different talents and focuses. Studio Gobo's talent is helping bring to fruition major AAA games, with a focus on character action titles. The specifics of what Studio Gobo does likely depend on the product, but its list of partners speaks for itself. Ubisoft, WB Games, Microsoft Game Studios, Bethesda, Disney, Tencent, and now Sony's Guerrilla Games, have all worked with Studio Gobo in the past.

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