Mario Kart Tour Kart Pro event set to reward first-place finishes

Mario Kart Tour Kart Pro event set to reward first-place finishes

As part of the ever-changing face of Nintendo’s mobile racer, the new Mario Kart Tour Kart Pro event is here to put the best of the best to the test, with some fantastic rewards on the line for those who participate. Think you might be up to the task? Keep reading.

The Mario Kart Tour Kart Pro event challenges you to win three multiplayer races in a row, filling out your fancy punch card to win the rubies and a special Pro badge to show off your top racer status. These new rewards introduce an extra layer of tension to Mario Kart’s already chaotic gameplay, especially for those with two wins under their belt looking for the third to pick up that shiny badge.

Considering that Mario Kart Tour’s Space tour is currently in full flow, this event is a little more challenging thanks to the inclusion of DS Rainbow Road, one of the trickiest tracks in all of Mario Kart history. Still, the rewards on the line are worth the effort, so don’t waste any time starting your engines.

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