Monster Hunter Rise PlayStation – is it on PS4 & how to transfer saves to PS5

With the launch of Capcom’s Monster Hunter Rise on PlayStation and Xbox, a whole bunch of new hunters are getting their hands on the latest entry in the series.

While a big song and dance has been made about the game’s arrival on Xbox, it’s important to note PlayStation owners too are getting to join in – but there’s a couple of important things to note, especially when it comes to save transfers.

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Here then are some important PlayStation questions on the PlayStation version of Monster Hunter Rise.

Is Monster Hunter Rise available on PS4?

Yes, Monster Hunter Rise is available on the PlayStation 4. While the older console doesn’t quite have the same power as its younger sibling, most of the new features do come across intact and the game looks great.

PS4 owners do have to make do without the 4K 60FPS support, or the 3D Audio Support. But they do get the voice chat features.

And it’s good news if you plan to upgrade to a PlayStation 5 later, as the PS4 version is upgradable to the PS5 version at no extra cost. However, you will have to do some prep work.

Can I transfer my saves from Monster Hunter Rise PS4 to PS5?

Yes, if you upgrade your console from PS4 to PS5 – you can bring your saves over to the new console. However, it’s worth noting the data will not transfer automatically.

As per Capcom’s support page – unlike the Xbox and PC versions, save data is not necessarily automatically synced online via Capcom. As such, you’ll have to copy your save data manually.

You’ve got several methods – either via PlayStation Plus Cloud Storage, or saving your data to a USB or extended storage as described on PlayStation Support’s website.

Once you’ve done that – and here’s the important part – make sure there is no other save data for Monster Hunter Rise already on your PS5 before you launch the game.

The first time you launch the game, you’ll be presented with a message telling you PS4 save data has been found on your PS5. Say ‘Yes’ to the option that pops up.

Once the save data has been transferred, your trophies from the PS4 version should update to the PS5 version.

Important: You can only transfer Monster Hunter Rise PS4 data to your PS5 the first time you open the game. So if you’d like to transfer data from the PS4 version again or you’ve made a mistake, you must delete all Monster Hunter Rise saved data on your PS5 console before you can try again.

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